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Feb 3, 2019 | CBlog | 0 comments

Late in the last quarter of the previous year, the Centre for Social Awareness Advocacy and Ethics Inc. (CSAAE), launched a new program as she marked her New Year; the CSAAE fellowship program. The program, open to undergraduate and post graduate students, was launched with the aim of providing opportunity to volunteer, and contribute to the successful running of the daily activities at the Centre; and also, acquire relevant skill sets and work experience needed for the work world. CSAAE fellowship is open to all the Centre’s affiliates, both by way of volunteerism or membership, who fall within the eligible category. One is considered an eligible affiliate, who is not less than a year with the Centre.

More so, for one successfully selected into the program, the following benefits is accruable to the one: one year full scholarship, a tablet, a power bank, monthly data subscription, 100% reimbursement for all travel expenses to CSAAE events, opportunity to attend staff-only meetings and top notch mentoring. Certificates will also be given to fellows at the end of their fellowship. The duration of fellowship is one year.

As a result, after the declaration of the entry open in December, and a rigorous scrutiny, three persons made it as the pioneer CSAAE fellows: EAL Davidson Nwaonu, ENLs Theophilus Oladipo and Duru Kizito. The founder did not hide his excitement in welcoming them into the program. He, however, regretted that though with several great applications, the Centre could only accept three fellows at the moment.

Davidson will assist YEAP Coordinator, Kizito, Programs Manager and ELP Coordinator; while Theophilus will assist the Project Manager and CBEP Coordinator.

In an interview with Fellow Kizito Duru, he expressed his appreciation for this opportunity; to contribute and grow in an organization he dearly cherishes.



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