CSAAE Publications

CSAAE Publications engage readers on issues of under-development and poverty in Africa. Focus is on ideas that can help facilitate development, end poverty and make Africa a better place. Literatures by CSAAE Publications include:

  • Career Path: Capacities, Competencies and Character. Edited by Godswill Agbagwa: 2014
  • Groundnut Causes Malaria by Magdalene Okoro: 2018
  • The Nigerian Constitution Through the Lens of Nigerian Youths: Matters Arising. Compiled 
by Theophilus Oladipo and Gelege Taiwo: 2018
  • UN Human Rights as Seen by Nigerian Youths: Compiled by Kizito Duru and 
ThankGod Akpa: 2018
  • Achieving the SDGs In Nigeria: Insights from Nigerian Youths. Compiled by Kevin 
Agabe and Tochukwu Ihegwuagu: 2018
  • Courses That Pay. Edited by Francisca Ekwuonu: 2019
  • Career Building and Entrepreneurship Handbook. Edited by Jeremiah Osimgbehe 
and Innocent Iroaganachi: 2019

Career Path: Capacities, Competencies, Character

The purpose of the book is to help students and members of various occupations build the capacities, competencies and character to become successful citizens. This book teaches readers how to become successful entrepreneurs; how to create, manage, save and grow money; how to get dream jobs; and how to get involved in civic activities. It also teaches readers how to take advantage of the social media; how to fight for their rights as citizens; how to be ethical in various occupations; how to secure educational and training opportunities home and abroad; as well as how to become ethical and inspirational leaders. This book is suitable for college, university and seminary courses as well as for members of various occupations who want to achieve sterling successes and bring positive changes to the nation.

Edited by Godswill U. Agbagwa





How To Get Your Dream Job by Alex Ugwuezuonu | Diamond Bank PLC
Entrepreneurship, Creative Thinking And Decent Work Opportunities by James Elekwachi | Chevron Initiatives.
Financial Responsibility: Personal Finance Basics And Time Value Of Money by Dr. Bongo Adi | Lagos Business School
Principles Of Professional And Business Ethics by Rev. Godswill Agbagwa | The Catholic University of America, Washington DC
Know Your Rights and Responsibilities by Barr. Kissinger Ikeokwu Fitzgerald Law Chambers.
Civic Engagements and Social Responsibility by Dr. Kenneth Amaeshi | Edinburgh University, U.K.
Leadership: Theory And Practice by Dr. Uchenna Ekwo | Rutgers Univesity, New Jersey
Mentoring And Leadership: The Igbo Example by Prof. B.E.B. Nwoke | Imo State University.
Educational And Training Opportunities by O. Abimbola Akintolayo | Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.