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Feb 7, 2021 | CBlog | 0 comments


Friday, February 5th 2021 witnessed another inspiring session from CSAAE on the second Virtue of Effective Leaders which is Accountability.

The 5 virtues of effective leaders is the second out of the five effective leadership modules offered annually to aspiring leaders at CSAAE’s Effective Leaders Program (ELP). Others include: Leadership in Africa: Challenges and Prospects; Theory and Practice of Leadership; Leadership Big Dream; Social and Business Enterprise Development

The session started with a brief opening prayer after which Steve Kirsch, a board member of CSAAE with 33 years of financial management at Ford Motor company started in no time to give us …. on the subject.

He defined accountability as the obligation to account for one’s activities, accept responsibility for them, and disclose results in a transparent manner.
Accountability is the opposite of blame and corruption.
If we want a corrupt free system, then we need to become accountable to our actions.

Steve Kirsch spoke on character as a key factor for accountability. He told us that character alone is not enough. Being a great Leader, a Pastor, a Judge whatsoever doesn’t guarantee that you would be accountable.
Look at leadership in Africa, check out the papers daily, you would be surprised that the so called people we look up to are the ones on the forefront of corruption.

Accountability like other civic virtues is built up slowly. It takes time and it starts with each and everyone of us. We must practice it. We must demand to be held accountable.
Instead on us playing the blame game, we should focus on becoming stronger by learning from our mistakes..

Here are some other take home from the session.

•We must respect each others roles and responsibilities before taking decisions. Engaging others is vital.
•A good process doesn’t rely on the character of the person performing the process. Character is not enough.
•Corruption flourishes where there is no accountability.

The session concluded with Father Godswill Agbagwa urging us to distinguish ourselves to stand out among the crowd by imbibing the virtue of ACCOUNTABILITY.

Thank you so much Mr. Steve Kirsch for the mind-blowing session. I am so happy to learn from you. Thank you Rev. Fr. Dr. Godswill Agbagwa and CSAAE.

_Together we shall make Africa a better place.

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