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Years of ineffective leadership, corruption and lack of commitment to common good have led to massive poverty in Nigeria. In order for Nigeria to make progress and ensure that its people enjoy a better quality of life, the country needs a new generation of leaders and workforce who can fast-track development and end poverty in Nigeria. With youth comprising 62 percent of the population, much of the hope for Nigeria’s future lies in its young people.

Launched in 2013, CSAAE is dedicated to raising a new generation of leaders and workforce committed to the common good of Africa. The aim is to harness the potential of young people and provide the kinds of tools and trainings that endow them with the capacities, competencies, and character necessary to sustain themselves, create opportunities that help others sustain themselves and embrace their roles as critical actors in building a better Africa. The Centre pursues its mission by designing and implementing programs that channel young people into activities that develop effective leaders, cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship and, promote a culture of integrity.

CSAAE’s three-year Emerging African Leaders Program (ELP) nurtures leaders committed to common good. Focus is on leadership positions critical to development including political, media, religious, business, educational and judicial leadership. ELP provides leadership trainings that help aspiring leaders build the capacities, competencies and character necessary to navigate Africa out of poverty and underdevelopment. ELP also provides academic advising, career guidance, financial and moral support to enable aspiring leaders complete their education while challenging them to tackle unmet social needs through social enterprises and community projects. Upon completion of ELP at which time they have also graduated from college, aspiring leaders join a Network of Effective African Leaders, a community of leaders guided by CSAAE to build influential careers in public service and embrace their roles as critical actors in building a better Africa.

The Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program (CBEP) provides the kinds of training and mentoring that allow young people land dream jobs, initiate enterprises in areas of market demand or get the education they need and contribute to the socioeconomic development of Nigeria and Africa. CBEP designs and implements: training and mentoring projects to link students to their choice courses, universities, fellowships, internships and scholarships; training and mentoring projects to help job seekers find and retain jobs; enterprise development models (including M4P) to help aspiring entrepreneurs initiate and grow sustainable business enterprises to sustain themselves and help others sustain themselves.

While the Youth Ethics and Anti-Corruption Program (YEAP) raises the consciousness of youths to the importance of accountability, rule of law and respect for human rights while teaching them how to identify, resist and fight corruption. YEAP designs and implements projects that: challenge young people to identify and seek lasting solutions to corrupt practices in Nigeria; encourage ethical behaviour and discourage unethical practices among young people; promote and advocate for respect for human rights, rule of law, accountability and good governance.

Though distinct in their areas of focus, our programs share the common goal of creating positive social, economic and political change one person at a time. The Founder of CSAAE, Dr. Godswill Agbagwa – an academic, socialpreneur, youth animator and a Catholic Priest – grew up in Nigeria. While studying abroad as a college student, he was struck by the contrasts he saw between the levels of poverty and under-development in Nigeria compared to the Western countries he visited. Those experiences became the genesis for CSAAE, its programs, and the core values at the foundation of his work, which include:

Accountability: Accepting responsibility for one’s activities and in a transparent manner.
Solidarity: A commitment to the common good.
Integrity: Being honest and fair.
Creativity: Thinking and actualizing new ideas.
Punctuality: Being prompt and following through on commitments

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  • CSAAE is registered in Nigeria as a non-profit with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • CSAAE is also registered in the United States as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • CSAAE is in the process of being registered in other African countries.
  • CSAAE is registered as campus-based organization in 25 tertiary institutions in Africa.
  • CSAAE’s programs are implemented from the Centre’s office in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria with planning support from its international office in the United States.

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