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Nothing is more contested across the globe today than the facticity of the covid-19 disease, its mode of transmission, health impact and safety measures. Even more contested are the legal and ethical implications of the safety measures imposed by governments and organizations to stop the spread of this virus including the distribution of the recently developed covid-19 vaccine. 

In some countries, employers are already requiring employees to be tested and vaccinated as a condition for employment. Some organizations especially transport companies are requiring testing and face masks for travels. Now, many are considering proof of vaccination as condition for travels. Some world leaders have made non-wearing of face mask in public an offense punishable with imprisonment. 

While some people are pushing back on these mandates arguing that they violate the individual’s right to privacy and freedom of choice, therefore, illegal and unethical; others are supporting it on grounds of public health safety. These controversies have left many people confused as to how to respond legally and ethically while some policy makers seem to be flip flopping on the ethics of covid-19. 

Against this backdrop and as part of its Youth Ethics and Anticorruption Program (YEAP), CSAAE’s 2021 Youth Ethics Debate (YED) is focusing on the ethics of covid-19 with the topic: Should face masks and covid-19 vaccines be mandatory? Is it a violation of privacy to require proof of vaccination before boarding a bus, flight or accessing a place of work? Is it fair to deny someone access to a gym, restaurant, or transportation because the person is not vaccinated? Would making covid-19 vaccine a condition for accessing basic amenities not a way of forcing medical treatment on an individual against his or her consent? 

These and similar questions will be answered at the 2021 YED. Entries for the debate kicked off on March 1, 2021 and will close on APRIL 7, 2021. After series of vetting, the first oral arguments will take place on 17th April 2021, the second oral arguments will be on 24th April 2021, while the final arguments will hold on May 1, 2021. Time is 2pm WAT. Due to covid-19 restrictions, the debate will be online and will be live on CSAAE social media platforms: @csaae. 

CSAAE will be giving out prizes to those that excel in the debates:

First prize: N300,000.00

Second prize: N200,000.00

Third prize: N100,000.00

Consolation prizes: N20,000.00

Academics and practitioners from various disciplines have been selected to judge the debate including: Dr. Njideka Okonjo-Udochi, the MD of Millennium Family Practice Maryland, USA and the 2021 best physician in Maryland; Prof. Paul Nnodim – Professor of Philosophy, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Massachusetts, USA and Barrister Ogbenyoma Odjighoro of Aluko and Oyebode Law Firm, Lagos Nigeria. Others are Dr. Ada Ibe of the University of Maryland Teaching Hospital, USA; Dr. Onuora-Oguno Azubuike of the Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin, Nigeria; Dr. Onyeka Egwim of the University of Maryland Capital Region Health, USA and Dr. Aloysius Ochasi, professor of medical ethics at St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, USA. The convener of YED, Dr. Godswill Agbagwa (priest, ethicist, socialpreneur, youth animator and founder of CSAAE) will also be on the panel.

Youths, especially, undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate students across Africa are invited to apply at: https://csaaeinc.org/yeap/yed.


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