Youth Ethics Community Project is a component of CSAAE’s Youth Ethics and Anti-Corruption Program (YEAP). The aim is to challenge youths passionate about human rights, rule of law, anti-corruption and character formation to identify abuses and their root causes in their communities as well as share insights on how best to prevent and fight these. The project also supports youths promoting rule of law, human rights, integrity, accountability and transparency.

Our YEAP team will screen submissions and bring such youths from across Nigeria together to a three-day Youth Ethics Summit holding at Abuja in January 2020 to discuss their projects before local and international ethics experts, investors and activists. This will afford successful applicants increased visibility and an opportunity to meet with prospective investors. Some projects will receive onsite funding to scale up their projects and mentorship from experts at the center.

The summit will also be an opportunity for us to present awards to youths nominated by their peers for our Incorruptible Nigerian Youth Award. This award honors youths fighting abuse of human rights and corruption in Nigeria. There will also be presentation of awards to winners of the Youth Ethics Essay and Debate Contests aimed at creating awareness of human rights, rule of law and anti-corruption among youths in Nigeria.


  • Any youth led non-profit or for-profit organization executing projects in the YEAP focus areas. The organization must have been duly registered for at least 6 months.
  • Individual youths executing projects in the YEAP focus areas.
  • Members of partner organizations with concrete proposals and proven track record of similar project execution can apply.
  • Partnerships, synergies and coalitions of any two or more of these recognized bodies is strongly encouraged.
  • Transversal projects falling under two or more of our focus areas are also strongly encouraged.


  • Each eligible body as stated under this heading can only submit one project.
  • Failure to fulfill any of the laid down criteria under this heading or elsewhere in this guideline will lead to an outright rejection of application.


The Youth Ethics and Anti-Corruption Program has four focus areas. They are;

  1. Rule of Law
  2. Human Rights
  3. Anti-corruption
  4. Character Formation

The program is driven towards making significant changes in these identified sectors in Nigeria towards the general CSAAE goal of making Nigeria, and Africa by extension, a better place. Proposals are therefore expected to align with these focus areas to be acceptable.

Rule of Law

YEAP promotes rule of law through various means including workshops, externships and online campaigns that explain the need for law and order in the society as well as through positive reinforcements such as the National Ethics Essay Competition that rewards best essays on rule of law and the Youth Ethics Summit that supports youth projects on rule of law in Nigeria. YEAP challenges youths passionate about rule of law to identify abuses of law and their root causes in their communities as well as share insights on how best to promote, prevent and fight abuse law.

Human Rights

YEAP challenges youths passionate about human rights to identify human rights abuses and their root causes in their communities as well as share insights on how best to promote, prevent and fight abuses of human rights. YEAP also promotes human rights through workshops, externships and online campaigns that explain the dignity of the human person and the need to respect human rights as well as through positive reinforcements such as the National Ethics Essay Competition that rewards best essays on human rights and the Youth Human Rights Summit that supports youth projects on prevention of abuse of human rights in Nigeria.


YEAP tackles corruption from the root through structured youth education in accountability, transparency and integrity while providing them with the tools to identify, resist and fight corruption. YEAP raises awareness of the consequences of corruption on development and promotes the development of innovative tools that make corrupt practices harder. Through Youth Ethics Essay Competition Award and the Incorruptible Nigerian Youth Award, YEAP helps youths stay away from corruption through positive reinforcement. The Youth Ethics Summit supports youth community projects against corruption.

Character formation

YEAP challenges Youths to build their characters and provides the tools and resources that would be needed in that regard. Integrity, punctuality, solidarity, accountability and honesty are among the most important CSAAE values. We believe that for Africa to to ever become a better place, a crop of ethical youths would play a huge role. Through YEAP, CSAAE trains youths on how to effectively develop the right character and influence same in the society.  This is done through symposiums, virtual engagements, public debates and ethics competition to drive conversations on important ethical issues in the society.


Write in detail what you have done, are doing or intend to do on how to: (a) stop abuse of a specific human right in Nigeria, (b) stop disrespect of specific Nigerian law, (c) fight specific corrupt practice in Nigeria, or (d) promote specific civic virtue in Nigeria?

Your narrative must include:

  • Problem statement: What is the ethics problem in YEAP four focus areas that you are solving, or you intend to solve? Explain in details using statistics and personal experience.
  • How are you solving the problem or intend to solve the problem? Here, write in detail your ideas on how to tackle the problem. Approach must be innovative. See below for non-supported approaches.
  • What have you achieved or intend to achieve through this project. Consider using statistics and other forms of data to support your narrative here.
  • Project work plan and execution status for the past six months.
  • Project work plan for the next six months.
  • Comprehensive and detailed budget with a bank account number.
  • Any other document deemed useful by applicant like graphics and pictures from project execution.
  • Short bio of applicant (s).
  • List of names, phone numbers and email addresses of team members.


The following are sample projects or activities that cannot be supported by Center for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics;

  1. Projects limited to advocacy related activities ONLY.
  2. Projects limited to seminars, conferences and speaking sessions.
  3. Projects with operating costs such as salaries.
  4. Short term projects with no plausible sustainability plan.
  5. Projects without well-defined and SMART objectives.
  6. Projects without well-defined socio-economic objectives.
  7. Projects outside the scope of the YEAP focus areas.


Email completed narrative as one document to: with copied.


Deadline is October 30th, 2019. Please note that any submission after the stipulated deadline will not be reckoned.

A complete and correct application would be replied with an acknowledgement mail within 72 hours.


Please contact:

Theophilus Oladipo @, Tel: +2348165047214