Youth Ethics and Anti-Corruption Program


Although corruption is a global phenomenon, corruption is endemic in many African countries cutting across all sectors, classes and ages. Corruption (whether mega or petty corruption) in Africa is a serious concern because it is a major cause of poverty and underdevelopment in Africa. Recently, some African governments, civil societies and international organizations have launched initiatives to combat corruption in Africa. These are welcome developments. But, most of these efforts attack corruption when it is already a problem and largely follow top-down approaches that treat symptoms rather than causes.

YEAP tackles corruption from the root through structured youth character formation and ethics trainings that focus on good governance, accountability, transparency, integrity, human rights and civics, while providing youths with the tools to identify, resist and fight corruption. YEAP

  • Raises awareness of the consequences of corruption on development.
  • Trains youths on how to identify, safely resist and fight corruption.
  • Trains and provide tools for monitoring and reporting corruption in public service.
  • Promotes the development of innovative ways that make corrupt practices harder.
  • Trains youths on how to promote transparency, accountability and good governance
  • Educates youths on ways to safely, legally and effectively fight for human rights.
  • Explains civic responsibilities and proposes ways to get involved in civic activities.
  • Explains the need for law and order in the society
  • Trains and provides tools to monitor elections and report accurately.

The Incorruptible Nigerian Youth Award

This is an annual award by the Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, Inc. (CSAAE) to honor remarkable Nigerian youths who have been deemed incorruptible by their peers and CSAAE’s team of external evaluators. The award recognizes the courage and determination of youths who are keen on doing the right thing and have undertaken actions that have had or likely to have significant impact on the level of corrupt practices their vicinities.

Youth Ethics and Anti-corruption Summit

Brings students together once a year to discuss good governance, integrity, transparency, and corruption and talk to students in guided conversations about ways to promote ethical values in the professional and personal communities they navigate. Students also engage in contests to educate the public about difficult ethical issues while proffering innovative solutions.


Youth Constitutional Conference

The Nigerian Constitution through the Lens of Youths: Matters Arising

Date: May 25, 2018

Time: 9am

Venue: Law Theatre, Imo State University