Community Development Projects


“Over 32 Community Development Projects Inspired and Powered by CSAAE Across Nigeria”

“All Projects are Initiated and Executed by Our Emerging Nigerian Leaders”

Project Send a Child to School



Project Send a Child to School is a Community Development Project which is part of the leadership mentoring process for Emerging Nigerian Leaders.


  • To help vulnerable children get educated thereby reducing future illiteracy.
  • To help prevent students from becoming drop outs as much as possible.
  • To help bring about orientation on ethical values in the mind set of our candidates.
  • To carry out educational campaign on ethics in schools.
  • To help in resolving issues that is affecting the education of our candidates in their families.

Oyster Mushroom Farming


The art of mushroom cultivation in Africa especially in Nigeria is still relegated to picking from the bush and due to changes in seasons, its demand is always higher than supply and there is the risk of locals picking poisonous mushrooms for urban consumption. Harvesting of mushrooms from the bush also have the additional risk of locals being bitten by snakes or attacked by various animals in the bush. These and some other factors are some of the reasons why there is a real shortage of this food product in the Nigerian market.Innovative oyster mushroom farming is all about using agricultural waste such as sawdust, maize stalks, dried grasses, leaves etc. to produce edible and organic oyster mushroom by providing the natural conditions needed for the mushrooms to grow in a controlled environment. Oyster mushrooms are food products that can be substituted for meat, eggs, fish etc. It is a good source of protein and unlike red meat and eggs, it has no fat but helps the body in reducing cholesterol level. It also contains essential vitamins that fights against cancerous cell and this makes it ideal for the elderly, vegetarians, weight watchers and basically everybody.

No Child Dropout Initiative



Looking at the current situation in our beloved country Nigeria, formal education is considered indispensable.  But daily, more children have been denied the basic rights of securing their future through education. Most vulnerable children in rural settlements are endangered daily due to the lack of proper education. Hence Nigeria has a record of about ten million primary school dropouts annually.If primary school is the first formal and obligatory school which is a requisite in educational pursuit, why do we have primary school dropouts? So, who is a primary school dropout?

Dropout from primary schools means not completing primary education which usually begins with kindergarten and ends at fifth or sixth grade (primary 5 or 6). Many kids in Ebonyi state have been unable to complete this fundamental stage of education and so couldn’t continue with further educational training.

Keep Aba Clean


I am committed to enlightening people on the Consequences of Environmental Pollution (CEP) – based on Refuse Dumping. Vividly, most public roads are now refuse dumps. Refuse lies along major roads and streets which in no small measure constitute health problems to the majority of the populace in our country. People heap refuse near their homes and along the roads. The refuse decays and becomes environmental pollution.

As a result of large population in our areas, Aba precisely, the refuse and waste have gotten so much and the disposal is badly managed, the city is now popularly known as a ‘Dirty City’. This is because everywhere is littered with refuse and waste materials, this in no small way acts as agent in spreading diseases. This was the cause of the cholera epidemic in 1998. It was widely reported in the international media, that FIFA had to withdraw the soccer hosting in Nigeria. That was a national disgrace.

Snail Farming


There’s the urgent need for Nigerians to have a radical shift from total dependence on government for job to entrepreneurship. One of such attractive areas for self-employment is snail farming. Heliculture is a great money-spinning business and a substantial source of protein to complement Nigerian carbohydrate meals. Sadly Nigerians’ inclination to go into same business fields where thousands have already made their fortune has led to the utter neglect of such lucrative area of snail farming in Nigeria.

Heliculture (Snail farming) is the process of raising snails either in an intensive or free range environment, thus making them feel as if they are in their natural habitat, this is done because of its economic values (meat, manufacturing and financial befits) others are its aesthetics (beauty, decoration and research) purposes. A snailery is a housing structure where snails are bred.

Healthy Nutrition For Infants and Children (HENIC)

Moses Nora Omo

Malnutrition is not just from lack, but also from unsuitability. The project HENIC, meaning Healthy Nutrition for Infants and Children, is a project focused on improving the nutritional status of the infant and child. As the importance of good nutrition can naver be overly emphasized, there is need for adequate diet to stay healthy. Appropriate nutrition habits have to be established from the root to reduce rate of diseases and death. HENIC promises to provide many of such vital information.


  • To deliver talks on nutrition that are applicable in the community using each community’s available resources.
  • To organize demonstrations and preparations of healthy food for infants and children.
  • To take out at least 5 infants/children from state of malnutrition.
  • For the community to have increased knowledge on prevention of malnutrition.
  • For reduced occurrence of malnutrition and its related diseases.

Pragmatic Economists' Forum (PEF)



My community development project is tagged, Pragmatic Economists’ Forum (PEF). It was chosen to spur Nigeria’s economic development by providing “pragmatic” solutions to economic problems of Nigeria. The objectives include:

  • To tackle Nigeria’s economic problems through policy formulation.
  • To grow an entirely different set of economists in Africa with pragmatic mindsets with a long-term plan of building a new brand of economic action.
  • To eliminate unrealistic economic assumptions.

Student Redirect



We work with a coordinated group of students known as StuRed Ambassadors in the various   institutions that provide us with detailed information on the current happenings and challenges they encounter in their academic pursuit.

Our goals will be achieved in four (4) ways:

  • Developing an online peer learning platform and discussion forum for tertiary students in Nigeria ;
  • Publishing of online newsletters from our various institutions of learning and periodic interview of students and educational stakeholders in the country;
  • Providing a nation-wide Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that gives career guidance to aspiring students, trains students in leadership, problem-solving, team work, personal development and conflict management skills (long-term); and
  • Capacity building through coordinated education summit and mentorship programs.

Wealth To Waste



The basic idea of this project is to recycle solid domestic wastes like paper, nylons, foams etc into furniture and decorative for use in homes and offices.

The project is of very verse application because the sphere of recycling covers virtually all the materials we use at our homes, schools, funfairs, markets and so on: Paper when soaked can be remolded into various shapes like flower vase. Apart from that, waste papers can be crafted into origami products which are for decorating homes and offices.

Waste plastic products like straw, nylon bags, etc. are good sources of environmental pollution. They can be melted into other useful tools or part of tools for the making of decorative as well.

Project Clean and Green



Unhealthy living is not all about what we eat and drink but also where and how we live. The project; PCG is aimed at ensuring a clean, healthy and green environment which of course means a healthy environment. The importance of good and clean environment cannot be described adequately.

According to many scientists, the factor which influences the growth of individuals most is the environmental factor as air, water, land, etc, are polluted and contaminated. This requires several corrective and preventive measures which includes stopping pollution caused by the dumping of wastes in streets, rivers and living places.

Community of Readers


COR is an acronym for Community of Readers. It was borne from the awareness of the lost passion for reading and learning entirely amongst our youth of the 21st century. A well-known African saying further gratifies this fact, paraphrasing, it reads “If you want to hide anything from a black man, put it in writing.” But I think this fact can be changed and this would have to start from the youths. We need to grow Studious Readers that would become Effective Leaders of our Nation and Continent tomorrow. A great man once said “Destiny answers to the quality of your mentality.” I believe that the quality of our mentality lies in the books we read.

Career Path Initiative


Every year, not less than 1.5million high school graduates enroll for the University matriculation exam praying to secure a slot among the 350, 000 slots available. Other than just their exam performances, these students being fresh from secondary school without proper enlightenment often fall victims of wrong subject combinations, wrong name combinations, ignorance of catchment areas among others which leads to their applications being out rightly rejected even from the beginning. Out of frustration, some of these students tend to start engaging in social vices such as cultism, prostitution, etc. as the idle mind they say is the devil’s workshop. While others embarked on taking the Sahara desert to Europe, only a handful keep trying their luck hoping not to be disappointed next time.

The Career path initiative would serve as a means to enlighten and coach these students on career choices, admission processes, etc. while they are still in high school. It will also serve as a career guide, bringing Masters in various fields to engage these students and answer any question that might be bothering them as regards their Education. It will also expose the participants to taking advantage of the current advancement in technology for their educational advancement.

Mitigating Poverty Level Among Women Living in Northern Nigeria


Women have been the most disadvantage people on earth, especially women living in Northern Nigeria. The high rate of poverty among women in the North is what inspired this project.

I started an awareness by writing letters to a church to be given the opportunity to speak about my project after the service though it was not honoured till date, I set up a team that will help me with the project especially with language barrier because most of these women can’t speak English. We embarked on another awareness in the market places to mobilise women, we met a woman, MRS MADALENE MICHAEL who owns a small business of making beans cakes (akara). After speaking with her,she told us that their are other women like her and will talk to them about this project, which later on we will be given the opportunity to speak to them during there meeting.

Career Guide for students (CGS)



Career choice is very important in determining what one may become in life, and many students, especially high school students, do not know how to make the right choice. some students find themselves studying the wrong course today, some are studying what they did not apply for because of competition in the course they wanted or they did not meet the requirement, while a lot others are studying the wrong course because they did not know earlier what course to choose. The aim of Project CGS is to educate high school students on how to make the right career choice. This will help them to know and choose the right course to study in the higher institution, and also become aware of others courses that are not popular.

Reduction in the Rate of Pesticide Poisoning by Fumigants



The human life in a nation is a building block for economic growth, security, country advancement etc, so the health of people is of great importance to me.

Statistics have shown that 20% of the population death annually in the country is due to pesticide poisoning. It affects adults because after inhalation, it doesn’t show symptoms until old age. If this percentage of the population die, what happens to the economy, agricultural sector, petroleum sector, etc? What happens to our young one?

This is why I decided to take up this project,the mortality rate due to this poisoning is very alarming yet nothing is done about it, maybe people are not aware of this cancerworm eating chronically into our society or maybe they are just ignorant about this fact.

I need to take up this project to create awareness on every Nigerian citizen and also carry out a research to bring about a better fumigant that is human friendly and also very effective. For instance, there are insecticides that have good smell, human friendly and still efficient in killing mosquitoes and other insects. This is exactly what I want to do.

Best Useable Cow Gas (BUCGAS)


BEST USEABLE COW GAS (BUCGAS) is a project inspired by the hunger to save our planet especially Nigeria (charity begins at home) from extinction, darkness and unemployment in other words, from itself.

This project is aimed at converting organic waste to gas or fuel (when compressed) thereby reducing Nigeria and Nigerians focus on crude oil which will led to reduction in environmental hazard caused by crude oil spillage, gas flaring, uncontrolled disposal of organic waste etc., and provide alternative source of energy and employment for Nigerians.




SET-C tries to enlighten the general public and most especially students in the high schools and Colleges to embrace the culture of proper waste disposal and also to imbibe healthy habits that will boost good health.

SET-C achieves this by making constructive sensitisations on the need to observe proper waste disposal.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step. Little by little, Nigerians will definitely see the need for environmental Sanitation and of course, the SET-C team will be in line making Nigeria a better place.




There is strong evidence that suggest that student-to-student interaction both formal and spontaneous can enrich ethical values and learning outcomes. Creating school environments that allow educators and students to work together more would have a “major impact” on improving the chances for ethical values in schools and the society. An initiative to create more collaborative approaches to instruction is crucial to ethics, which I believe can be possible with the use of technology. Schools that are collaborative, meanwhile, seem to have better morale than other schools, according to the MetLife report (2010).

In essence, teamwork is vital to building ethical values in students and technology can only be the driver. Teamwork helps to meet deadline, conflict resolution, active listening and make informed decisions, which are ethical values.

One way to build teamwork and meet these demands in today’s environment is through collaboration tools.

Revolutionizing Nigeria's Economy through Oil Palm Cultivation



Revolutionizing Nigeria’s economy through Oil palm cultivation is a project that aims to add positively to the Agricultural sector of the country with the view of helping the sector to grow.

This project seeks to explore the advantages or treasures that are hidden in the agricultural crop called Oil palm. This project has to do with nursing the oil palm seedlings in the nursery till they are matured to be transplanted to an already prepared land.

Oil palm is a valuable economic crop and provides a major source of employment. Its plantation is also the most useful plantation in the world. In addition to these outstanding facts, everything in a palm tree is useful, from the palm oil to the palm fronds which is used for the benefit of man.




The community development project (MSDI) has to do with music and its effect on humans and the major role it plays in our society and country at large. This project was motivated due to the poor and negative type of music surrounding our society and the wrong message they pass to our youths and leaders, it gives a wrong message of who we are. Music is a language of the soul, it can change a man. Music can change people’s mood and attitude towards a particular problem at a particular time and season. Listening to the right kind of music is very important so as to promote positive thinking and right attitude in our society.

I have come to understand that whatever you listen to for a long period of time has a way of affecting you either negatively or positively.