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What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals all about? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.   These 17 Goals build on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals, while including new areas such as climate change, economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, peace and justice, among other priorities. The goals are interconnected – often the key to success on one will involve tackling issues more commonly associated with another. The SDGs work in the spirit of partnership and pragmatism to make the right choices now to improve life, in a sustainable way, for future generations. They provide clear guidelines and targets for all countries to adopt in accordance with their own priorities and the environmental challenges of the world at large. The SDGs are an inclusive agenda. They tackle the root causes of poverty and unite us together to make a positive change for both people and planet.



Sometimes, people want to impact their society but they do not have ideas on how to go about this; the United Nations’ SDGs serve as ‘guidelines’ to this sort of people. It was somewhat a shock to me that a lot of youths do not have an idea about the SDGs and how they can be used to achieve a better world so I believe in this projects’ potentials very much, I believe this project would be a great contributor in getting Nigerian youths standing and actively involved in our fight for a better Africa.


The vision and mission is to produce or have world class Nigerian versions of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Long (world no.1, table tennis) and to have more of Aruna Quadri and Toriola.


About Me:

My name is Olayinka Ayo Bright. A 20 year old male, Nigerian. A second year student of the University of Jos, Jos. Nigeria. I am the first of 3 children and have always been required to lead. As a leader though, one must be willing to ‘serve’; I’ve also been a loyal servant. I was born in Jos, Plateau State and have spent most of my schooling years there.

My big dream is to become the President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, someday. I believe one of the biggest issues dealing with us in Nigeria is the problem of “leadership” and I also believe that I can be the one to solve this issue, which was why I jumped at the chance to join CSAAEINC and be a part of the ELP program. I’m very passionate about Nigeria a better place so I came up with an idea, my Community Development Project (CDP). The project is aimed at getting young Nigerians to take up at least an SDG and work on it as their own projects; this way, we get more youths to contribute to the progress of Nigeria and the world entirely.

Thanks to CSAAEINC, this project has kicked started and is showing a lot of potentials to become a major instrument in the organisations vision to make Nigeria and Africa a better place. This is just the beginning. I feel empowered and you can only expect greater things.

Together We Shall Make Africa A Better Place.

Work Done:

  • Sent out letters of intent to schools that would be taking part in the Sustainable Development Goals Project.
  • Met with potential sponsors.
  • Visited Godswill Secondary School, Jos. Plateau State, held a seminar there, focusing on the 3rd SDG (Good Health and well-being) and on the topic “How your self-esteem affects your well-being”.

Next Step:

  • Launching all internet based platform to help in proper publicity for the project.
  • Holding a conference in one of the higher institutions here in Jos.