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Whelp Initiative is an emerging leaders community development project inspired by the Center for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics Inc., that provides educational assistance to the orphans and less privilege, that leverages on educational materials which allow secondary and tertiary students in Nigeria to have easy access to educational materials such as e-readers, tablets, Chromebooks, and other materials in line with the 21st century educational skills, sustainable development goals (SDGs), to overcome the various challenges they are facing in their academic pursuit at their various schools or institutions of learning. The Project is designed to serve as a platform where e-learning materials are made for easy accessibility at their possession, to be in line with their counterparts in other parts of the world, to enable orphans and less privilege students interact, share ideas and proffer solutions to the various assignment and projects given to them in their schools or institutions.

I believe that there is need for a new advancement in education by private Foundations; advancement that will acknowledge the students skills gap, provide best learning practices for students, inculcate ethics and morals in and learning and driving in innovation into Nigeria’s educational system.


The absence of ethics and morals in Nigeria’s educational dispensation has deformed the standards of learning in Nigeria. Secondary and tertiary institutions have failed to inculcate their expressed set of values into orphans and less privilege students hence, the continued turn out of unqualified and incompetent orphans and less privilege graduate. This can be seen from the communal conducts and dispositions.

Achieving a global standard student with sound academic background that will match the graduate skills familiar with the recent e-learning materials, which require a clear understanding of the set of values and principles that promotes quality education. For our educational system to experience total change, students and stakeholders must work together to establish best learning models and create an enabling academic and social environment for a better future generation. Orphanage and less privilege participation in the developmental issues concerning their welfare and future are central to achieving good, standard and sustainable education in Nigeria.

Whelp therefore, believed that orphans and less privilege must participate in a continuing discussion to develop the learning approach that accomplishes their expectations as well as e-tools that will empower them with critical thinking, leadership, problem-solving and public speaking skills to enable them not only secure a great future, but also become future leaders of change wherever they find themselves. This can be achieved if a sustainable platform like Whelp is made available for them to identify their challenges and proffer possible ways of addressing these challenges.


To connect, integrate and promote the participation of orphans and less privilege students in the development of the best learning practices for sustainable academic environment.


“Creating a new direction for orphans and less privilege students”

  • GOALS: Establishing an African organization where orphans and less privilege gain educational assistance;
  • Constant supplying of recent e-learning materials to orphans and less privilege in the country;
  • Payment of part or full tuitions to orphans and less privilege in various academic fields of study;


About Me:

Abdallah Sa’id Buhari is the founder of whelp foundation, with experience in global economies and quality leadership, his background in economics, and leadership skills inform him mindful but compassionate leadership.

Abdalllah is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of low quality education, he considers himself as a ‘forever student’, eager to both build on his academic foundations in economics and stay in tune with the latest economic strategies through continued coursework.

His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to his success in the Centre for Social Awareness Advocacy and Ethics INC. where he led as a pioneer State/Campus Head at the Northwest University Kano.

Meanwhile, he vastly improved the productivity of his team by implementing strategic project management strategies and ensuring a work life balance with his career, Abdallah believes quality education is the key to success, a teenet he lives out through his intrest in squash, reading ant traveling.

Abdallah is currently an ENL at the Centre for Social Awareness Advocacy and Ethics INC. and is always interested in a challenge. Reach out to abdallahbuhari7@gmail.com to connect!