BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The basic idea of this project is to recycle solid domestic wastes like paper, nylons, foams etc into furniture and decorative for use in homes and offices.

The  project is of very verse application because the sphere of recycling covers virtually all the materials we use at our homes, schools, funfairs, markets and so on: Paper when soaked can be remolded into various shapes like flower vase. Apart from that, waste papers can be crafted into origami products which are for decorating homes and offices.

Waste plastic products like straw, nylon bags, etc. are good sources of environmental pollution. They can be melted into other useful tools or part of tools for the making of decorative as well.


  • To build an internationally accepted recycling Factory which will rapidly enhance our ultimate goal – cleaning Africa of non-biodegradable wastes.
  • To employ and train more and more youth who will use their various potentials to better their lives.
  • To organize seminars on how to go about the recycling wastes around our environments.
  • To capture the whole of Africa with recycling spirit and culture.



One of the ways the impact of this project can be measured is by the number of people who are employed in the work sphere. Based on my calculations, at least ten? (10) Persons will be enough to start in small scale production. These will include a director, an accountant, etc. and at long run, the firm should be able to employ larger number of persons for a large scale production.

Another way to measure the impact of this project is how far and wide the spirit of recycling has taken effect in Africa. Within three (3) years based on speculation, through the use of media and other platforms, this project surely be heard of in the whole of Nigeria and possibly beyond.



We will keep making publicity about what we do through various means like one-on-one contacts, through our micro-site, social media, etc and we will continually improve our skills and update ourselves on the field recycling.



  1. We plan to raise the standard of this venture up to international level.
  2. We plan to partner with world class recycling organizations.
  3. We plan to expand the scope of our recycling with time
  4. We plan to organize trainings for young and creative minds to explore the world of recycling.
  5. We hope to have a clean and tidy Africa through these recycling processes.



No healthy environment can be possible without recycling. The earth is awaiting those who care enough to handle wastes the proper way. A clean Africa begins with you. Together, we can make Africa a better place