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Global estimate published by WHO indicates that about 1 in 3 (35%) of women worldwide have experienced sexual harassment in one form or the other in their lifetime and this rates are higher in the rural settings. Another research added that most of these abuses (90%) will be done by someone she knows and 70% will involve genital contact. Only about 10 out of 100 of these cases are reported. Statistics shows that Africa has the highest prevalent rate of child sexual abuse around 34.4%. Findings from National Survey carried out in 2014 on violence against children in Nigeria confirmed 1 in 4 females reported experiencing sexual violence in childhood with approximately 70% reporting more than one incident of sexual violence. In the same study, it was found that 24.8% of female aged 18-24 experienced sexual abuse prior to age 18 of which 5% sought help with only 3.5% receiving any services.


Psychological effects of sexual harassment include; insecurity, low self-esteem, feeling of powerlessness, fear, frustration, anger, irritability, self-blame, shame, guilt, isolation, depression, shock, denial and anxiety. Although sexual harassment may not have physical interaction, it can cause physical side effects due to stress such as headaches or migraines, night terrors, night mares or insomnia, fluctuation of weight, lethargy, sexual problems, lack of drive or ability, skin reactions, digestive issues, panic attacks, development of phobia. etc.


As a result of undue stress, both physically and mentally, many victims of sexual harassment become forced to leave PR change their academic programs, jobs, career, goals and paths. It can also lead to career-related effects such as decreased interest in job or school performance, poor job or school performance, demotion, frequent absenteeism, withdrawal from work or school and social situations. And this is not good for our societies because we need active and productive minds and people.


This project is aimed at curtailing sexual harassment among girls in secondary schools. It is aimed at teaching girls about their sexuality, preventing and curtailing sexual harassment among the school girls.


The strategy is to form a club comprising of about ten girls in each school that I can walk with directly, who would in turn teach others outside the group. Form a close circle with the young minds, educate them, with time form a manual that we can work with, watch movies pertaining the topic and create an avenue where they can air their minds and table their problems and solutions can be proffered. We are on our implementation stage.

About Me:

My name is Ayenson Frances Oyiza. I’m Igbira by tribe. I hail from Oboroke-Ihima, Okehi L.G.A of Kogi state. I’m the third child and first girl in a family of six. I was born on the 28th of Novemver,1997 and bred in Plateau state. I am a student-nurse, presently schooling with the Plateau State College of Nursing and midwifery, Vom.