Six Months Plan for Project Send a Child to School

July, 2017 ———————— sourcing for kids for our project expansion.
August, 2017 ——————– sourcing for funds for our selected kids’ education.
September, 2017 ————– Our candidates resume school, advocacy visit to three schools and work on “save up for your child” forum begins.
October, 2017 —————— Rescue of intending Drop out begins. Visitation to our candidates in school to monitor academic progress.
November, 2017 ————– Advocacy visit to schools continues with an essay competition on an ethic related topic to be conducted among schools already visited.
December, 2017 ————– School closes for our candidates and work assessments would be done. Preparation for next term begins.
In every area of our operations we are expecting some outcomes which can double as our targets,
SCS (core) ——————— expansion of our current number to at least ten kids.
Advocacy ——————— going to at least six schools and try revisiting some of them.
Drop out Rescue ———– we are intending to rescue at least ten kids from dropping out.