About Me


Valentine Momoh

My name is Valentine Oshioke Momoh. I am from Udaba Ekperi in Etsako tof Edo State, Nigeria. I am the first child of a family of seven. On a sunny day of 14th February in the early nineties I came into this world (hence my name). I practice the Christian faith (Catholic). My father is a Civil Servant and my mother is a fashion designer. I have a brother and three beautiful sisters.
I started my educational journey from Happy Survival Nursery School in Benin City, Edo State. I later moved to Bolafoluwa Primary School, Akure, Ondo State where I completed my Primary Education. I proceeded to the Secondary school section of the school (Bolafoluwa Ssecondary School, Akure, Ondo State) where I completed my Junior Secondary Education. Due to the nature of my father’s job, we moved back to Benin City, Edo State. I completed my Secondary School Education at Emmanuel Foundation Education Center, Benin City. I got my first taste of the saying, “dreams do come true” when I gained admission into the University of Benin to study Animal Science for my first degree. The University of Benin has always been my dream university! I am currently a student there.
My hobbies are drumming, brainstorming, reading books of interest and playing video games (though am not that good).
I have passion for business. I am naturally an entrepreneur. I believe in creating jobs not seeking for one. I want to help my country rule the continent and compete favorably with the rest of the world economically.
I also have passion for leadership, purposeful leadership. I was a class prefect from my Primary School days and was made a school prefect in Primary Six. I continued in my class leadership role in Junior Secondary and was made a school prefect immediately I got into senior secondary. In the university, I am the founder and immediate past President of Mechanization Club. Mechanization Club is a group made up of people that are willing to take agriculture as a business once they leave school. All these positions have built in me the desire to grant purposeful leadership to my people.
I knew about the center for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics from a friend, Davidson Nwaonu in 2014. I applied and I was lucky to be selected. Since I became an Emerging Nigerian Leader, my approach to life and my country improved greatly. The faith I have for my country grew more. I got to believe in myself more. I am learning more about leadership, ethics, entrepreneurship, community services, mentorship and a lot more from the center. Sometimes I wonder, what will I have become without CSAAEINC in my life?

The Emerging Leaders Program of the center is widening my perspective about leadership. I will not relegate the area of Community Development Service to the background. The center has imbedded in me the zeal to work for my community more.
As part of our training as Emerging Leaders, we are expected to undertake a Community Development Project (CDP) in our various communities. I selected an educational based project named PROJECT “SEND A CHILD TO SCHOOL”. This project is aimed at helping send vulnerable kids to school. We have a lot of kids roaming the streets of Benin City during school hours. They are looking for a way to survive or they do not have somebody to take care of their education. We take them off the streets, tell their parents or guardian about the importance of education and get the kids back to school. I currently have three kids in the project and we are looking forward to expanding the number soon! I am grateful to the center for such an opportunity to serve my community and the help rendered so far.

I have a dream of becoming a successful businessman in future. I also want to become the President of my country. However, I intend starting from being the Local Government Chairman of my Local Government Area. I will also go for the governorship seat of my state before occupying the seat of the President of my country. I have started working towards these dreams.
I would like to conclude with a word of encouragement for my fellow youths and you my reader with the words of John F. Kennedy which says “think of what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you”. Nigeria is ours; together we are going to build it. Dream big and have your country in mind always.
Together we can make Africa a better place!