Welcome to Project Send a Child to School

My name is Valentine Momoh, an undergraduate of the University of Benin studying Animal Science.
Welcome to my Project Site!

According to statistics, about 10 million kids are in the danger of dropping out of school in Nigeria yearly.
If half of the above drop out of school and venture into crime, what will remain of our nation?
If one quarter of this number fall victims to street abuses such as rape, ritual kidnaps etc, what will you and I say we did to save these victims?
If nine million kids get into the streets of Nigeria hawking, will that be a beautiful sight?
If 10 million kids drop out of school, how are we going to cover for the resultant developmental backwardness we are going to experience in future?
You and I got to do something about this!
You and I got to stop street hawking during school hours!
You and I got to prevent street abuses!
You and I got to secure the future of our nation!
You and I got to support PROJECT SEND A CHILD TO SCHOOL!