Project Send a Child to School is a Community Development Project which is part of the leadership mentoring process for Emerging Nigerian Leaders.


  • To help vulnerable children get educated thereby reducing future illiteracy.
  • To help prevent students from becoming drop outs as much as possible.
  • To help bring about orientation on ethical values in the mind set of our candidates.
  • To carry out educational campaign on ethics in schools.
  • To help in resolving issues that is affecting the education of our candidates in their families.


  • Get vulnerable children that pass our criteria for consideration for help. The number of candidates will be influenced by resources available.
  • Run background checks to confirm their conditions to prevent fraud.
  • Sort for funding for the successful candidates.
  • Carry out advocacy and awareness visitations on ethical values to schools.
  • Perform mediation meetings where necessary in order to resolve educationally related issues our candidates might be facing.


Below are the criteria for selection;

  • The kid must be truly vulnerable from all indications.
  • The kid must be willing and ready to go to school.
  • The kid must not be more than 18 years old.
  • If attending school before, there must be proof.


These will be done through donations.

  • Follow Up
  • Candidates will be followed up to ensure good academic performance.
  • Candidates must be seen to be performing well in academic work
  • Candidates must be showing improvement in terms of the ethical training given to them too.
  • Candidates will be accessed on attendance to school.

We intend to sustain this project in the following ways,
Help from the Centre (CSAAE.Inc)
Forming a “Project S.C.S.” friend’s community where friends pledge or commit to donate any specific amount of money or render services periodically to the training of these children.
Individuals can intend to pick a candidate and commit to helping in the candidate’s training.
Cooperate bodies can decide to offer help to these kids.
Parents/guardians of these candidates can be assisted to ensure that the day to day lives of these candidates are in good form.

This is going to be carried out in situations where it is needed. Its aim is to help solve some of the hidden causes of the candidate’s drop out. It can also be used in assisting the parents/guardians of the candidates in ensuring a balanced day to day life.

Future Plans
Creating a platform where parents can commit some amount periodically for the education of their kids. This is applicable to our candidates that we have helped from the save drop out campaign. It will also be opened to other parents who are having difficulty in saving for the education of their kids. This is all in a bid to send a child to school.
We are hoping to partner with some cooperate bodies to ensure the sustainability of the training of these candidates.

We hope that with this blueprint we would be able to navigate freely the waters of our project and get our candidates to the shore of literacy.

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