Referencing my post some time back with the headline: “I SUPPORT THE NO CHILD DROPOUT PROJECT ” I stand to say that, saying is the first step of getting results but when action is applied the impact is massive. NCDI has not just said but has done the things for which the initiative was founded!
As young people it is important that we begin our show of a better tomorrow by been examples of better leaders today. You can’t keep complaining about the economy when you can do little or nothing about the situation! Have you tried doing that which you can do today? Like refusing to dump those groundnut peels and empty sachet water pack on the streets? Like giving out a free pen to someone? Like paying someone’s 50N transport fare? Like helping out in a community project? Like sending as little as 500N to support the NCDI project nationwide? Many others! Don’t just say something, do something!
If you can’t initiate a community development project, support those who have one or two ongoing!
Been a student or a teenage is no excuse not to support or do a community project, if you lack the way to go about it call me! Start something you’re passionate about, let’s stop waiting for the government and commence work by doing the little we can to help our communities.

I am Amb. Odinaka Kingsley Obeta and i know with you on the train, the world would be a better place!