As young people we tend to see through situations and access the problems attached to every situation, we are gifted to finding lasting solutions to such discovered problems it’s called creativity.
But even with this, most young people feel they don’t have enough money or influence to make a lasting impact in their society, it’s not about you buying a bus for your community or constructing roads and other elephant project that even the government are struggling to achieve, go for creative projects, go for things that can touch lives, you know where the shoe hurts because you are part of those wearing the shoe!

I have done some projects, minor in looks but mighty in its impact! That’s exactly what Team NCDI is doing in Nigeria, even though they are still students, it doesn’t seem to be a hindrance to what they are doing and best of it is that they are changing lives positively! Giving hope to the hopeless child who has dropped out from school, i support them and urge you too to do the same.