SEPTEMBER 8TH of every year has been set aside by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (USESCO) to mark the ‘International Literacy Day’. The theme for 2017 Literacy Day has been tagged ‘Digital literacy’. 

The word literacy, means to be able to read, write and understand. But there’s more to being a literate than learning how to read, write or having basic knowledge of a particular thing. Literacy over the years have been expanded and linked to digitalization; people now have access to computers and other gadgets, in order to gain access to information. Literacy expands our horizons to discover the world around us and the inner potential inside us so that we can become change makers. 

At NCDI, we are determined to make our candidates digital literates. With every giant step we take, we get closer to actualizing this dream; to give to Nigeria children all that is required of them to expand their horizons and discover their world.