Music for Social Development Initiative



The community development project (MSDI) has to do with music and its effect on humans and the major role it plays in our society and country at large. This project was motivated due to the poor and negative type of music surrounding our society and the wrong message they pass to our youths and leaders, it gives a wrong message of who we are. Music is a language of the soul, it can change a man. Music can change people’s mood and attitude towards a particular problem at a particular time and season. Listening to the right kind of music is very important so as to promote positive thinking and right attitude in our society.
I have come to understand that whatever you listen to for a long period of time has a way of affecting you either negatively or positively.

Reviving the right type of music in our society will surely cause a positive change in different ways. This can only be done through Ethical music seminars, recording and releasing Ethical and moral music in the society, having a music school and students who will use music to effect change in Nigeria. Almost every singer or musician in Nigeria is going into Gospel and secular music but nobody wants to sing something about the state of the country or encourage the youths of the nation or even address corruption through music.

This project has already commenced its activity in Federal University of Technology Owerri, imo state.


To encourage and promote positive attitude in the society through moral and ethical music. Music is a message that is passed to people, be it a youth, leader or a child, it affects one’s thinking, and it connects to one’s soul. And I found out that in a country like ours (Nigeria), music plays a vital role in our society and it can be channeled as a means of communication to our youth and leaders. I believe ethical/moral music can change the world because it can change people!

Others include;

To create employment from this project
To use this project to address corruption in Nigeria


  • Organizing music seminars for music groups in my institution, teaching them about music ethics and morals.
  • Visiting primary and secondary schools, teaching and educating them on ethical music.
  • Teaching students and young adults how to write and sing ethical songs.
  • Currently working on a moral/ethical song that will be released by next year, which will be used as a means of communication to our youths, leaders and the world at large.


The project has been successful. Below are some of them;

  • Getting the project approved by CSAAE
  • Visiting primary and secondary schools, teaching them morals and ethical music
  • Organizing music seminars in my school
  • Organizing ethical music contest in my school
  • Writing of ethical and moral songs
  • Currently working on CSAAE album and a music fiesta


I have encountered some challenges such as;

  • Difficulty in getting some music equipments and hall
  • Difficulty in getting funds



  • Organizing more music seminars and music contest/ fiesta
  • Visiting more schools to teach them about ethics and morals in music
  • Writing more ethical songs and recording them.


  • Expanding the project and our numbers
  • We hope to get in touch with some radio stations and musicians to promote ethical music
  • Hoping on Releasing of album and writing of good songs
  • Creating more platforms to educate students on how to use music as a tool for social development


July, 2017—————————————————— fund raising for music seminar and competition.
August, 2017————————————————- completion of music seminar and competition.
September, 2017——————————————- writing of ethical songs and recording planning.
October, 2017———————————————– sourcing for information and funds for music fiesta.
November, 2017——————————————– visiting of schools and studio, sourcing for funds, gathering information on music fiesta.
December, 2017——————————————— analyzing and preparation of music fiesta.
January, 2018————————————————- music fiesta proper and feedbacks.