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Mitigating Poverty Level Among Women
Living in Northern Nigeria


Women have been the most disadvantage people on earth, especially women living in Northern Nigeria. The high rate of poverty among women in the North is what inspired this project.

WORKDONE: I started an awareness by writing letters to a church to be given the opportunity to speak about my project after the service though it was not honoured till date, I set up a team that will help me with the project especially with language barrier because most of these women can’t speak English. We embarked on another awareness in the market places to mobilise women, we met a woman, MRS MADALENE MICHAEL who owns a small business of making beans cakes (akara). After speaking with her,she told us that their are other women like her and will talk to them about this project, which later on we will be given the opportunity to speak to them during there meeting.

NEXT STEP: When these is done, I will get to know their difficulties in expanding their businesses and ways to help them seek funds. Finally i will report back to CSAAEINC of progress made so far on the business of these women.