By Emerging Nigerian Leader Okoro Magdalene Nnenna


My name is OKORO MAGDALENE NNENNA. I’m a Nigerian citizen from Libolo Edda in Afikpo South Local Government Area, Ebonyi State. I am a graduate of Purchasing and Supply from Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, lmo State, Nigeria. I am the second in the family of seven children, six girls and a boy.

I was born and bred in a nation where selfishness, lack of human sympathy, feeling, and all manner of criminal acts are becoming cultural. These resulted to corruption, injustice, wickedness, political instability and economic hardship.

It pierces my heart each time I ponder over my beloved country’s ugly situation given the fact that this country is blessed in so many ways and especially populated with highly intelligent/talented men and women who can turn things around with good leadership.

During my younger years, I so much admired foreign countries each time I watched any of their movies. I did wonder why Nigeria did not look like other foreign countries I saw in those movies. It was not until 2013 that I realized that the problem with Nigeria is a combination of bad leadership, loss of moral and social sense. Thanks to the Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, Inc. (CSAAE).

Joining the Emerging African Leaders Program of CSAAE re-awakened my leadership and innovative spirit. Listening to the first speeches at the foundation conference held at Star Arrival Hotel in Owerri, Nigeria, November 27 – 30, 2013, I felt as though I could be part of the change that Africa needs.

I have always wanted to live in a clean environment, so I decided that I will start working towards that. My project is to bring a change by cleaning up the physical environment of the people. I go about educating and inculcating the sense of cleanliness into the minds of my people. I have visited about thirty-three (33) schools in Aba, teaching kids how to keep the environment clean, the consequences of dirty environment and working with them to clean the environment. With the support of some Church and Union Leaders, I am now engaging communities and exploring ways to wage a sustainable war against environmental pollution.

At the moment, I need moral and material co-operation to achieve this goal. Together we can keep not only Aba, but Abia State and Nigeria at large clean.

We must succeed!

Thank you.