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The first Healthy Liver community outreach took place on the 5th of May,2018 at the Lamingo primary school close to the Jos University Teaching Hospital(JUTH) roundabout. Two of the classes were granted to us for our use including the school surroundings. The event started at about 10:00 am. The outreach took place in 3 stages simultaneously in the order namely;
Biodata and Pre-screening counselling
Screening tests
Medical consultations and post screening counselling

Biodata and Prescreening counselling
This was the first aspect of the outreach. Individuals who just arrive go through this aspect first. It comprised of the Biodata of the clients which included the name, age, sex, and contact address of the clients. In addition to the biodata it also comprised of a form of questionnaire which included important questions particularly risk factors as related to diseases of the liver which is our direct focus. The questions included whether the clients consume alcohol, whether he or she smokes, a history of multiple sexual partners and a history of sharing of sharp objects. After this stage, the individuals move to the screening area.


This aspect comprised of the screening tests proper. Majorly, we tested for hepatitis B and C using the diagnostic test strip. In addition to those, we also tested for the malaria parasite in children. Results were filled appropriately and the clients directed to the third aspect.


Medical consultations and Post Screening counselling
This was the final aspect of the outreach. Medical doctors particularly functioned in this unit. Everyone who has gone through the first two stages met the doctors with his or her complains where they were attended to accordingly. The doctors also counselled the clients based on the results of their screening test, whether positive or negative. The negative clients where directed to the Epidemiology unit of the ministry of health (branch at UTC junction, Jos) to get vaccinated. Healthy Liver Initiative already has liaised with the unit so our results will be accepted and our clients discounted. The positive patients were referred to the gastroenterology unit of the Jos University Teaching Hospital for further confirmation and treatment commencement.