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Good Governance campaign is aim at promoting ethics in schools and community, training and equipping young leaders, to lead with strong leadership ethics, while promoting good governance at the beginning of leadership and grassroots. Instilling in them, the right ethics, values and attributes to deliver the future of Nigeria and Africa.


The vision and mission is to produce or have world class Nigerian versions of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Long (world no.1, table tennis) and to have more of Aruna Quadri and Toriola.


1) Leaders Creed: an affirmation every leader adopted into the campaign would hold to heart and live by. And this is, particularly for school prefects, Student union leaders and community youth group leaders.

2) My GoGo Guide: a work book and assessment tool, to guide and assess leaders on the campaign to live by the creed and do all they are expected to do.

3) Review leaders that had led or leading with examples of good governance.

4) Weekly animation (preaching good governance)

5) 60 secs video clip Nuggets on good governance