Reflecting back on my high school days, I discovered that though my teachers were good at what they do, they never really had the time to mentor or coach us as regards life outside the four walls of high school, career choice implications, details about admission processes and subject combinations etc. This actually served as a draw-back to us and even led to some of us wasting 3 to 4years at home trying to get into tertiary institutions. This arose the need to organize a career symposium which would solve these problems listed above.


Every year, not less than 1.5million high school graduates enroll for the University matriculation exam praying to secure a slot among the 350, 000 slots available. Other than just their exam performances, these students being fresh from secondary school without proper enlightenment often fall victims of wrong subject combinations, wrong name combinations, ignorance of catchment areas among others which leads to their applications being out rightly rejected even from the beginning. Out of frustration, some of these students tend to start engaging in social vices such as cultism, prostitution, etc. as the idle mind they say is the devil’s workshop. While others embarked on taking the Sahara desert to Europe, only a handful keep trying their luck hoping not to be disappointed next time.


The Career path initiative would serve as a means to enlighten and coach these students on career choices, admission processes, etc. while they are still in high school. It will also serve as a career guide, bringing Masters in various fields to engage these students and answer any question that might be bothering them as regards their Education. It will also expose the participants to taking advantage of the current advancement in technology for their educational advancement.


We intend to organize career symposia in various secondary schools targeting students in the junior and senior secondary school categories where expert in various niches would have an interactive session with the students, give them career talks, and answer all questions bothering their academic life and overall, create a link where they can always seek for advice.


The career path initiative will go a long way in alleviating admission issues among college applicants, wrong career choices and overall reduce the number of college dropout, unemployment and social miscreants in the society.


Though it might not be that ‘big’ project, but I am convinced that this initiative will go a long way in helping our people make better career choices, get into higher institutions and reduce the illiteracy level in the country as a wise man would say; “There is no mountain anywhere, every man’s ignorance is his mountain