Career Guide for students (CGS)



Career choice is very important in determining what one may become in life, and many students, especially high school students, do not know how to make the right choice. some students find themselves studying the wrong course today, some are studying what they did not apply for because of competition in the course they wanted or they did not meet the requirement, while a lot others are studying the wrong course because they did not know earlier what course to choose. The aim of Project CGS is to educate high school students on how to make the right career choice. This will help them to know and choose the right course to study in the higher institution, and also become aware of others courses that are not popular.


Visiting schools to talk to students
Organizing career seminar
Writing a booklet on unpopular courses in universities


I have visited some schools already, these include; St Ritas High school Vom, Jesus bride secondary school Vom, Plateau state, Yusuf Aboki Secondary school Shika Zaria, Govt Girls Secondary school Samaru Zaria.

Project timelines for July to November 2017

July : research on more ways to help students choose the right career.
August ; make arrangement for career seminar
September: organize career seminar
October: visit schools to get feedback from students
November: make report and feed forward to csaaeinc.
Weekends: the weekends are dedicated for book project for the unpopular courses in the tertiary institutions.


Project CGS is focused to help student find the right career and become all they wanted to be so that our community will be better in education and development. Together we can make Africa a better place.


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