Community of Readers (COR)

  • To reignite the reading spirit in youths.
  • To create active thinking youthful minds.
  • To heighten Focus into self-creativity and creative Imagination. Engaging these minds to be more focused on building a better country.


We-Care Foundation

  • To reach out to street kids, providing basic necessities of life for a child and showing that they are cared for.


No child drop out initiative

  • To prevent dropouts in primary schools.
  • To reinstate dropouts to school
  • To provide mentoring services to children struggling to stay in school


My education My Future.

  • Aim of Project
  • To make sure that no child drop out of school
  • To bring back drop out kids back to school.
  • To make kids see the reason why they need to come to school.


Project Send a Child to School.

  • To help send vulnerable kids to school.
  • To help reduce the level of future illiteracy


Good Governance Campaign

  • Good Governance campaign is aim at promoting ethics in schools and community, training and equipping young leaders, to lead with strong leadership ethics, while promoting good governance at the beginning of leadership and grassroots. Instilling in them, the right ethics, values and attributes to deliver the future of Nigeria and Africa.


Back To School Campaign

  • No School Dropout’s


Whelp Foundation

  • Establishing an African organization where orphans and less privilege gain educational assistance;
  • Constant supplying of recent e-learning materials to orphans and less privilege in the country;


Teaching and Writing Nigeria History

  • At the end of the project students should be able to explain the history of her country and should understand ethnics differences, religion differences so to avoid clash and clear misconception as a matter of way forward on the development of Nigeria and Africa at large.

War Against Sexual Harassment

  • Teach girls about their sexuality.
  • Improve girls confidence in themselves.
  • Provide an avenue where girls can share their problems and be preferred solution.
  • Help girls who are being sexually abused bring an end to it.


Say No To Rape Initiative.

  • My major aim is to raise an awareness on the high rate of rape incidents in Nigeria and also reach out possibly to victims of rape and give them hope.


Healthy Liver Initiative – HLI

  • Promotion of Liver health of the people of Lamingo, Jos North.
  • Prevention of Liver diseases in the community
  • Promotion of a happier lifestyle


Reduction in the Rate of Pesticides Poisoning by Fumigant

  • Reducing mortality rate caused by pesticide poisoning
  • Enlightening people on this course
  • Creating awareness


Combating Malnutrition in Children(CMC)

  • To help improve children health status
  • To terminate increase rate of malnutrition and disease outbreak.


Healthy Nutrition for Infants and Children (HENIC)

  • To deliver talks on nutrition that is applicable in the community, using their available resources.
  • To organize demonstrations and preparations of healthy food for infants and children.
  • To take out at least 5 infants/children from state of malnutrition.
  • For the community to have increased knowledge on prevention of malnutrition
  • For reduced occurrence of malnutrition and its related diseases.

Keep Aba Clean (KAC )

  • To have healthier environment; thereby turning our country into most neatest place.


Project Clean and Green (PCG)

  • Ensuring a clean and green environment.


Sanitation of the Environment Through Cleanliness (SET-C)

  • Ensuring a clean and green environment.

Revolutionizing Nigeria’s Economy through Oil Palm Cultivation Starting with the Nursery.

  • To produce healthy nurseries of about 50 oil palm seedlings each
  • To proliferate healthy nurseries across the country.


Revolutionalizing the Nigerian Agricultural Sector

  • Introducing new concepts and ideas into Agricultural systems
  • Producing and teaching others the benefit of producing agric produce organically.
  • Incorporating rare business ideas into Nigerian agriculture eg mushroom farming.


Innovative Snail Farms Limited

  • Providing the youths with the right tools and skills they need to begin a profitable agro-business
  • Getting the youth self reliant through stress-free agro-based heliculture (Snail farming) opportunity
  • Empowerng youths and creating wealth


Innovative Bee Keeping Technology (IBK-TECH)

  • To provide natural and pure honey for medicinal purposes.
  • To provide other bee products for further processing into finished goods such as creams, candles, crayons etc.
  • To create job opportunities for youths in the community curbing the level of joblessness, moral decadence and social vices.
  • To serve as a Centre of learning, public excursions and internship by high school students, improving the living standard of the inhabitants of the community.
  • To provide an eco-friendly environment by natural pollination


Volunteer for Africa Initiative Foundation.

  • To mobilize skilled youths for voluntary health Services.
  • To combat the effects of idleness amongst unemployed youths through active volunteerism.
  • To build their capacities and competencies to be able to serve at the African Union Volunteer Corp.


Action Against Drug Abuse/Addiction, Cultism and Other Social Vices (ADAACO)

  • To educate young people on the negative health effect of drug abuse and addiction
  • To create awareness on the on the psychological impact of drug abuse, cultism and other social vices have on personality and social interaction.
  • To promote best social and ethical conduct among young people in preparing them for leadership positions


Youth for the Goals.

  • Getting young people involved in the affairs of the world (global citizen)
  • To get young people to take up their own ‘SDG-specific’ projects



Mitigating poverty level among women living in Northern Nigeria

  • To teach women with small scale businesses financial literacy.
  • To help raise funds for them and stabilize the financial bridge between men and women.


Pragmatic Economic Forum

  • To make better the Nigerian economy and the economies of African nation

Career Guide for Students (CGS)

  • to guide students in making the right career choice
  • to create awareness of unpopular courses in the universities
  • to research salary ranges of different careers


Teaching Secondary School Students Career Path

  • My focus would serve as a means to enlighten and coach these students on career choices, admission processes, and building a sustainable behavior among our youths starting from tender age etc. while they are still in high school. It will also serve as a career guide, bringing Masters in various fields to engage these students and answer any question that might be bothering them as regards their Education. It will also expose the participants on taking advantage of the current advancement in technology for their educational advancement.


Right Choice of Career/Course

  • To widen their knowledge on some insignificant courses studied in the University
  • To educate/enlighten the students on the need to make good choice of career/course.


Embracing Entrepreneurship

  • Encourage schools to teach entrepreneurship.
  • Creating awareness on entrepreneurship
  • Organizing summits to reach out to student basically primary and secondary students
  • Encourage creativity
  • Encourage schools to teach entrepreneurship.