Best Useable Cow GAS (BUCGAS)



BEST USEABLE COW GAS (BUCGAS) is a project inspired by the hunger to save our planet especially Nigeria (charity begins at home) from extinction, darkness and unemployment in other words, from itself.

This project is aimed at converting organic waste to gas or fuel (when compressed) thereby reducing Nigeria and Nigerians focus on crude oil which will led to reduction in environmental hazard caused by crude oil spillage, gas flaring, uncontrolled disposal of organic waste etc., and provide alternative source of energy and employment for Nigerians.


I want an environment free from contamination and economic backwardness.


  • To curtail Global Warming.
  • To provide Energy.
  • To fight unemployment.


Every day we dispose organic waste in form of animal waste, plant waste etc., this waste produce and release uncontrolled Greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, destroying our ozone layer, according to a work published in 2007 the concentration of CO2 (Carbon di oxide) and CH4 (Methane) in our atmosphere had increased by 36% and 148% respectively since 1750, but you will agree with me, though the researcher could only correlate data back to 1750, that the current concentration of this gases are the highest ever since the World was created, this are gases emitted by organic waste when they decompose, my mission is to gather and control this gases and put them to better use for my benefit and yours, I will uses this gases to generate energy for cooking, powering our cars and industrial machines and especially generating electricity.

Nigeria, a country with about 186 million people is still struggling with less than 5000 megawatts of electricity while South Africa with a population of about 56 million people has 21,845 megawatts of electricity, do you know that a cow’s dung (Human waste (feces) can also be used as substrate) per day produces 3000 watts of electricity and a 100 watts bulb (energy saver bulbs, which are mostly used today are just about 18 watts or less) consumes just 2400 watts per day, imagine if with my help every receptacle for human waste (“suck away” or Latrine etc.) is converted into a Biogas Digester, no home or office will lack electricity, instead we will have excess for exportation.

Certainly jobs will be created in abundances, apart from the jobs this will create directly, so many companies will grow and employ more workers, new companies will spring up, investors will be more interested in Nigeria because the most important hindrance has been removed.

And most importantly our Planet will be SAVED.