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Nigeria has the highest number of out of school children, which is estimated at 10.5 Million. My extreme desire to help put back those children to school made me initiated this project. Back to School is a Community development project, aim at enrolling children, taking back dropout especially in rural areas to achieve a Qualitative Education.

Major Target: Children of 5 years to 18 years.


About Me:

I’m Muhammad Sani Kassim, currently studying Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.  I hail and lived in Shika, Zaria, Kaduna State.


I live in a settlement in Northern Nigeria with estimated population of over twenty thousand people, an environment where not everyone is educated, only two in ten people have access to qualitative education. I always asked myself a question, which is; why people should not get/have a sound and qualitative education? In a recent survey conducted by Diamond Charity Foundation, it was found that quite number of Children of about four thousand are out of school. Some are drop-out or do not even get enrolled in school. Among the few that are enrolled, most of them don’t get a qualitative education.

In the rise of my community problems I opted out from the norm of thinking, where we wait for government intervention on all issues affecting our communities, to thinking about what I can do to help my community especially the younger generation to have a qualitative education as a key to all development and to help our community break the dark clouds of illiteracy and connect them with opportunities.

Due to my burning desire to eliminate this problem, I initiated a project and a foundation called Diamond Charity Foundation with soul aim of inspiring them, giving them hope by creating a content that create, educate, inform and inspires them to greatness, providing and enhancing qualitative education and Enrolling Out of school Children.

Work Done:

JANUARY 2018: Approving Proposals and Nurturing Idea
FEBUARY 2018: Building social media presence and meet partners.

Next Step:

MARCH 2018: Creating Awareness
APRIL 2018: Talks with Parents and Teachers Association
MAY 2018: Preparations towards first Project
JUNE 2018: Project Commissioning