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Action Against Drug Abuse/Addiction, Cultism and Other Social Vices(AADACO) is an awareness/advocacy drive against the scourge of drug abuse, drug addiction , cultism, prostitution, hooliganism, Internet Fraud amongst other vices common among young people. A serious trend has been noticed in which majority of these people engaged in these vices tend to start right from their secondary school years hence the need to catch them young and educate students of Secondary School on the negative health effects of drug and substance abuse and promote best social and ethical conduct amongst these people.


  1. To educate young people on the negative health effect of drug abuse/addiction.
  2. To create awareness on the psychological impacts the named vices have on personality and social interaction.
  3. To promote healthy and hygienic living habits among young people.
  4. To advocate for controlled sale and strict regulation of identified stimulants and/or depressant drugs commonly abused.
  5. To promote best social and ethical conduct among young people in preparing them for leadership positions.


The strategy for the implementation of these advocacy drive will a take a seminar-like form, a panelist and question and answer session. The drive will involve selecting a school as an anchor school and inviting 10 other schools in the same local government, each invited school having a representation of about 40 students. At the end of the program, each student will be inducted as an AADACO AMBASSADOR where they will be required to pass on the campaign to their colleagues in their respective schools and the society at large.

About Me:

Gegele Taiye Abdullahi was born in Ilorin, Kwara State in Mid 1990s. Born a twin and the last of 4 children.  He attended both Primary and Secondary Schools in Ilorin, Kwara State. He is presently a final year student of University of Ilorin studying Anatomy.

Work Done:

This CDP being an advocacy drive requires serious form of sensitization, an online sensitization has started by a capable media team. Preparations on how to hold the first seminar is in top gear with meeting school principals and logistics being topmost of our priority.

Next Step:

Holding the First Sensitization campaign on the effect of drug addiction/abuse, cultism and other Social Vices.