Centre For Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics Incorporated

Terms and Conditions for joining Emerging Nigerian Leaders


1. Centre For Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics Incorporated (CSAAE Inc.) is a fully registered non-profit, non-religious, non-governmental and non-political Centre that works towards a fair social order in which every Nigerian can find support and encouragement to work hard, live with dignity and feel proud to be a Nigerian.
2. Through its various programmes, CSAAE Inc. aims to reawaken the Nigerian social conscience, revive the Nigerian spirit of entrepreneurship and inspire morally responsible leaders of social change
3. Emerging Nigerian Leaders (ENL) is an ethical and creative mentoring programme for emerging Nigerian politicians, professionals, businesspersons, government officials, church and other private sector personnel under the auspices of CSSAE Inc.
4. The goal of ENL is to inspire the next generation of creative and morally responsible Nigerian political leaders, business persons, professionals, government and non government personnel, church and traditional leaders that will be firmly committed to the good of Nigerians they serve and to restoring Nigeria’s lost glory in the league of Nations.
5. To achieve this goal, CSAAE Inc. often brings together accomplished professionals, business persons, leaders and experts from across the globe to interact one-on-one with ENL so they can learn first hand the most effective and ethical ways to lead, do business or practice their future professions from these mentors.
6. ENLs are groomed in creative thinking, professional ethics, business ethics, political ethics, social ethics, fiscal responsibility, accountability, entrepreneurship, job creation, free market, rule of law, citizenship, democratic leadership, mediation, African principles of justice and solidarity, human rights and respect for the dignity of the human person by local and foreign experts.
7. ENL mentors and experts listen to ENLC participants, hear their stories, evaluate their value systems, challenge their moral nerves and provoke their powers of creativity.
8. ENLs are brilliant, creative and morally responsible young Nigerians desirous of leadership and professional careers in Nigeria both in the public and private sectors.
9. CSAAE Inc. selects ENLsthrough a tough selection process that involves written exams, oral interviews and background checks to ascertain each participant’s potentiality for moral probity, creative thinking and citizenship.
10. Once selected as ENL, the person becomes eligible for future conferences, trainings, mentoring and award events periodically organized by CSAAE Inc. within and outside Nigeria so long as ENL remains in the programme based on CSAAE standards.
11. Some of the benefits of ENLC:

That ENLC is designed to:
1. Equip participant with the right leadership skills.
2. Sharpen participant’s creative thinking.
3. Exposeparticipant to the ethical complexities of contemporary leadership.
4. Afford participant the opportunity to connect with established leaders, professionals and experts across the globe.
5. Provide need-based educational financial aid (subject to availability of funds) to eligible participant.
6. Provide participant with resources for job search after college and also resources to succeed as leader, professional or businesspersons.

CSAAE Inc. agreement Form

Ihave read and understood what CSAAE and ENLC are all about and with the consent of my parents agree to participate at ENLC solely for the purposes and in the manner set forth by CSAAE Inc. in this document and on CSAAE Inc. website (www.csaaeinc.org). I understand that CSAAE Inc. reserves the right to discipline me legally should I intentionally deviate from the intent of ENL as set forth by CSAAE Inc. I also understand that CSAAE Inc. reserves the right to dismiss me from the programme and legally demand refund for all financial expenses made on me towards ENLC should CSAAE Inc. discover at some point that I provided CSAAE Inc. with false information about my identity, age, academic status and moral standing orally or in writing. I further understand that identification with any campus or off-campus cultist group, any campus or off-campus criminal gang, any political thug or terrorist organization tantamount to immediate termination from ENLC and possible legal action against me. Finally, I also understand that whereas CSAAE Inc. may provide free accommodation and feeding and also may reimburse ENLs in part or in full for receipted transportation based on fair market value, CSAAE Inc. does not assume responsibilities for any risks, such as loss of life and/or property and other injuries associated with travelling to and from CSAAE events.

So help me God!