Q: What is Emerging Leaders Programme

Ans: ENL is a programme of Center For Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics Inc (CSAAE). CSAAE is non profit organization that works towards a fair social order in which everyone can find support and encouragement to work hard, live with dignity and feel proud to be an African. Through our various programmes we reawaken the African social conscience, revive the African spirit of entrepreneurship and nurture morally responsible leaders of social change.

Q: What is the aim of Emerging Leaders?

Ans: It aims at inspiring next generation of morally responsible African leaders that will be unswervingly committed to the good of all and to restoring Africa’s lost glory in the world.

Q: Who can become an Emerging Leader?

Ans: It targets visionary and creative young Africans (Home and Abroad) desirous of leadership careers in Nigeria. CSAAE chooses these young people early in their undergraduate studies, guides them to successfully complete their studies while mentoring them in ethical leadership.

Q: How does ENL achieve its aim?

Ans: To achieve its goals, Emerging Leaders features among other things, a three day ethics training and mentoring event every six months for emerging leaders. It brings together accomplished professionals, business persons, leaders and experts to interact one-on-one with these emerging leaders. Emerging leaders learn first hand the most effective and morally responsible way to lead, do business or practice their future professions from the horse’s mouth. They are groomed in professional ethics, business ethics, political ethics, fiscal responsibility, entrepreneurship, free market, rule of law, citizenship, democratic leadership, African values and respect for the dignity of the human person by local and foreign experts in these areas.
Emerging Leaders mentors listen to these emerging leaders, hear their stories, evaluate their value systems, challenge their moral nerves, deconstruct to reconstruct where necessary and encourage. At the end of each event, these emerging leaders are given an integrated moral probity test to gauge the effect of training on their value systems.

Q: How does Emerging Leaders select participants?

Ans: It selects participants through a tough selection process that involves written exams, oral interviews and background checks to ascertain each participant’s potentiality for moral probity, spirit of entrepreneurship and citizenship. ENL has in place effective tools to follow the academic and moral progress of these emerging leaders in and outside the campus. Once chosen, participant remains in the programme until graduation, so long as he or she is scaling through the Four- Point (intellectual, moral, creative and civic) independent semiannual evaluation.

Q: Beyond Emerging Leaders

Ans: Graduates of Emerging Leaders are recognized as Leaders of Change (LoC). As they launch into their careers after school, CSAAE stays in touch with them to provide them with the resources and support they may need to ensure best ethical practices in their various leadership positions.