Job Opportunities

Programs Manager

The Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, Inc.(CSAAEINC) is searching for an innovative and ethical leader to fill the vacant position of programs manager.

Required virtues, skills and education:
The ideal candidate must possess the following virtues, skills and education:

1. Solidarity: Commitment to common good.
2. Integrity – The quality of being honest and fair.
3. Creativity – The ability to think of and actualize new ideas.
4. Punctuality – The quality of being on time; keeping engagements; promptness.
5. Accountability – The obligation to account for your activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner. It also includes the responsibility for money or other entrusted property.

1. Grant writing: Must have a minimum of 2-years’ experience writing grants for non-profits.
2. Accounting: Must have a minimum of 2-years’ experience preparing and defending organizational budgets as well as book keeping.
3. Managerial: Must have a minimum of 2-years’ experience as a manager in a private sector with two or more staffs reporting to candidate.
4. Communication: Must have excellent command of spoken and written English. Knowledge of other Nigerian languages and French is an advantage.
5. Event planning: CSAAEINC hosts several conferences and summits. Ideal candidate must be a good event planner. Minimum of 2-years’ experience planning conferences.
6. Project management: Must have minimum of 2-years’ experience managing small to medium scale projects in a non-profit setting.
7. Computer skills: Must be able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Basic Graphic Applications, etc.
8. Social Media: Must be able to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Skype, WordPress, etc.

Education and trainings:
1. Bachelor’s degree in non-profit management, business administration, project management or related areas. Master’s degree preferred.
2. NYSC certificate

1. Monthly Salary: Negotiable.
2. Basic Health Insurance.

Full time: 9-5pm. Monday – Friday. Candidate must be willing to work weekends as needed.

Office Location:
Plot 133 Ikenegbu Layout, Ikenegbu, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. 2nd Floor

N: B:
1. Travel: CSAAEINC holds frequent conferences and meetings within and outside Nigeria. Programs manager must be willing to travel (by air or land) and spend several days in hotels within and outside Nigeria for conferences and meetings.
2. CSAAEINC works with undergraduate and graduate students: Programs manager must have passion for youth development and empowerment and must be able to get along with students in tertiary institutions.
3. Trainings: CSAAE may send you for trainings. Candidate must be willing to go for the training anywhere determined by CSAAEINC

Application Deadline:
April 30, 2017

Submit below form with Resume and Cover letter.

Only selected applicants will be contacted.

The Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, Inc. (CSAAEINC) is an international non-profit organization established to address issues of poverty and underdevelopment in Africa. The Centre believes that poverty and underdevelopment in Africa are caused by a combination of failure of leadership, loss of moral and social sense as well as lack of entrepreneurial spirit. To this end,  the Centre provides ethics, excellence in leadership and entrepreneurship programs aimed at helping youths build the capacities, competencies and character to facilitate development and end poverty in Africa. Currently, our programs include:
1. ELP (Emerging African Leaders Program): Responds to failure of leadership.
2. CBEP (Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program): Responds to lack of entrepreneurial spirit.
3. SEACON (Students Ethics and Anti-Corruption Network): Responds to loss of moral sense.
To learn more about CSAAEINC, please visit