Emerging Leaders Project

“Nurturing leaders for positive social change”

ELP is a three-year structured undergraduate ethics, excellence in leadership and development mentoring program.

  • Aim: To help emerging African leaders build the capacities, competencies and character to become successful citizens and leaders of positive social change.
  • Targets: First-year undergraduate (freshman) students only. Selection Process: Essay writing, oral interviews and background checks.
  • Present Capacity: Minimum of 25 mentees annually.
  • Scope: Emerging African countries. First efforts in Nigeria. ELP programs are free of charge to successful applicants.

Mentoring Process:

    • Three-day Foundation Conference: To broaden the horizon of mentees, help mentees set personal development goals, and provoke community development projects: Held annually in November. Begins mentoring year.
    • Mid-Year Summit: To evaluate the progress of mentees’ personal and community development goals. Held annually in June.
    • Quarterly Directed Reading: To enhance mentees’ reading culture, analytical and creative thinking skills.
    • Monthly Group Inspirational Film Viewing: To reinforce mentees’ social and moral sense, teamwork capabilities and innovative spirit.
    • Monthly Telephone Coaching: To monitor mentees’ progress and provide guidance.
    • Leadership-building Experiences: To help mentees learn from mentors with demonstrated knowledge, experience and virtues.
    • • Need-based Tuition Support: To help indigent mentees complete school.


  • Mentees become agents of positive change by organizing ethics, excellence in leadership and development events on campus and in the community.
  • Mentees provide practicable solutions to difficult situations in their communities through community development projects.
  • Upon graduation, mentees become established leaders. CSAAE works with them to secure influential jobs and effect desired changes within their spheres of influence.
  • As established leaders, they can now mentor others and support CSAAE goals in various ways

“Meet our Emerging Nigerian Leaders”