Emerging African Leaders Program


“Nurturing leaders for positive social change”

ELP nurtures leaders committed to common good. Focus is on leadership positions critical to development including political, media, religious, business, educational and judicial leadership. ELP provides leadership trainings that help aspiring leaders build the capacity, competency and character necessary to navigate Africa out of poverty and underdevelopment. ELP also provides academic advising, career guidance, financial and moral support to enable aspiring leaders complete their education while challenging them to tackle unmet social needs through social enterprises and community projects. Upon completion of ELP at which time they have also graduated from college, aspiring leaders join a Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL), a community of leaders supported by CSAAE to build influential careers in public service and effect positive socioeconomic change within their areas of influence.

ELP Focus Areas

Emerging Political Leaders

Emerging Media Leaders

Emerging Judicial Leaders

Emerging Business Leaders

Emerging Religious Leaders

ELP Training Process

ELP Annual Foundation Conference 

Each year, ELP kicks off with a Foundation Conference designed to address Africa’s leadership problems, challenge youth to seek solutions to community problems and orient them towards moral values that enhance the greater good for Africa. 

ELP Mid-Year Leadership Port-Folio Summit

In June, Emerging Leaders gather to discuss the progress of their moral development goals, big dreams and social/business enterprises . Mentors provide feedback as well as offer encouragement and counseling.

ELP Social & Business Enterprises

Mentors challenge emerging leaders to seek solutions to community problems through community development projects (CDPs). These CDPs evolve into social and business enterprises. View projects

ELP Weekly Webinar

In between the foundation conference and mid-year summit, emerging leaders gather weekly for  online trainings in good governance, transparency, accountability and entrepreneurship.

ELP Campus Meetings and Events

Emerging leaders on same campus meet monthly to bond, discuss leadership challenges they are facing on campus. They also organize campus inspirational leadership, ethics and entrepreneurship events such as film viewing, seminars and workshops.

ELP One-on-One Mentoring

Each emerging leader has a mentor who provides direction. The mentors offer advice, guidance and become listening hearts for the many issues affecting each student. Mentors communicate with Emerging Leaders over the phone, by email, WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

ELP Leadership Building Experience

During vacations, strikes and the period of time prior to national youth service, emerging leaders are placed on short-term leadership building experiences (home or abroad) to gain practical knowledge from leaders with demonstrated knowledge, experience and virtues. 

ELP Financial Aid

To enable them complete college, CSAAE offers need-based scholarships, computers and other learning tools to emerging leaders from financially vulnerable homes. A gift of N250,000.00 or $750.00 would pay an emerging leader’s tuition and textbooks for one academic year.  

What Happens After ELP

2017 NEAL induction ceremony held at Ikeja, Lagos

Upon completion of the 3-year ELP, mentors evaluate progress and promote successful ELP graduates to the Centre’s Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL). Under the guidance of CSAAE, these effective leaders run for offices, serve in government, initiate enterprises and shape public policies. They bear on each other on good governance, mentor emerging leaders at CSAAE and champion social impact projects in Africa.

Support ELP

“I wish I have more money to give to CSAAE. I see great leaders emerging from this program. Hope for Africa.” 

Steve Kirsch, Board Member, CSAAE