ELP Scholarships

To enable the new breed of African leaders that we are nurturing to complete college, CSAAEINC provides need-based scholarships to eligible emerging leaders. We don’t just give them money, we follow their academic and moral progress to ensure that they are making good use of your money. CSAAEINC raises these funds through the generous donations of men and women of goodwill who want to see a better Africa. Through these donors, CSAAEINC has disbursed over one million naira to brilliant and morally responsible emerging leaders whose families can hardly pay their tuitions.

Please consider supporting an emerging leader. These are well behaved, hardworking, creative, brilliant, self-less and patriotic African youths whose desires are to make Africa great. CSAAEINC gives 100% of your scholarship award to eligible emerging leader. You will get a thank you letter from the recipient to confirm receipt. CSAAEINC can also give you access to the recipient if you wish talk to him or her.

One Semester
One Academic Year
Four Years Academic Program

Based on the Nigerian public education system, above are the estimated cost of supporting a student in Nigeria: Amount covers tuition, accommodation, books and feeding.

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