ELP | One-on-One Mentoring

Through one-on-one, online and telephone coaching, ELP mentors keep track of menteespersonal and community development goals, discuss academic performances and chat positive ways forward in view of their big dreams in life.

Currently, each emerging leader has a mentor or personal coach. Emerging leaders are assigned Mentors as soon as they are admitted into ELP. Mentors provide guidance to mentees for three years as they prepare for leadership positions after college. In addition to meeting one-on-one with mentees twice a year at ELP foundation conferences and summits, they provide regular online and telephone coaching to mentees throughout the year.

Whether mentees are reading leadership books or viewing inspirational films, ELP mentors are following up and asking mentees tough questions. ELP mentors provide feedbacks to mentees on their personal development goals and community development projects while helping them realize their big dreams. ELP personal coaching is systematic and CSAAEINC is able to track the progress of mentees.