COF | Timeline

  • Emerging Leaders Project | ELP

    “Nurturing leaders for positive change”

  • CSAAE Opportunity Fair | COF

    “Paving new ways for enterprise and employment”

  • Win As You Learn | WAYOL

    “Reviving the African social, moral and innovative sense”

COF is an integrated career-building program designed to help graduating African students launch lucrative careers and contribute to African socioeconomic development. As of today, COF has trained over 1000 young people from across Nigeria on how to become successful

secure dream jobs;,
secure educational and training opportunities home and abroad;
create, manage, save and grow money;
get involved in civic activities;
fight for their rights as citizens;
as well as how to become ethical and inspirational leaders.

FUTO Opportunity Fair | December 6th 2014

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