ELP Film Viewing

ELP Inspirational Film Viewing is a component of CSAAEINC’S Emerging African Leaders Program. The aim is to revitalize positive values, awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship and provide young African youths with effective leadership skills to facilitate development and end poverty in Africa, through visual learning. With focus on positive and inspirational films, the Centre hopes to redirect the interest of African youths away from the rising number of toxic films and shows that promote immorality, violence and crimes. The film viewing is organized by members of CSAAEINC’s Emerging African Leaders Program in Universities and other tertiary institutions in Africa. Viewers pause and discuss sections of the film. Discussion of the film also continues on CSAAEINC’s social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn


  • Title:The Men Who Built America
  • Genre: Biography, Docudrama
  • Written by: Stephen David, Patrick Reams, Keith Palmer, Randy Counsman, Ed Fields, David C. White
  • Directed by: Patrick Reams, Ruán Maga