Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program | CBEP

“Paving new ways for enterprise and employment”


According to the World Bank Statistics, Africa has the fastest growing youthful population in the world. Africa’s high fertility rate is responsible for this. This demographic finding portends challenges and opportunities. The challenges are economic and social; both are highly connected. As the population expands, jobs must be created. If these jobs are not enough, there will be many young people who are unemployed. Sadly, despite repeated figures released by the Bureau of Statistics indicating that African economy had been creating millions of jobs in the past years, many graduates in Africa can hardly find jobs that befit their hard-earned degrees. This has led to massive youth unemployment in Africa. Massive unemployment as we have it in Africa today is not good for any society because unemployed youths are readily available for anti-social criminal activities that undermine the stability of society. Little wonder terrorist groups are fast growing in Africa.

The CBEP Effect

CBEP responds to Africa’s loss of entrepreneurial spirit. The aim is to help youths accomplish career goals or become successful entrepreneurs and contribute to African socioeconomic development. CBEP trains youths from across Africa on how to become successful entrepreneurs; secure dream jobs; secure educational and training opportunities home and abroad; create, manage, save and grow money; and get involved in civic activities.

How CBEP Works:

CBEP Foundation Training: This is the initial training open to youths interested in CBEP. The aim is to inspire participants, expose them to valuable information on career choice, entrepreneurship, jobs, studies abroad and financial management, while also diagnosing their career plans. CBEP Foundation Training can be Full Panel (Featuring all 9 CBEP modules), Multiple or Single Panel. Parishes, Schools, Youth Groups, Town Unions can organize any Panel for their Youths.

CBEP Consultancy Services: Following the Foundation Training, our consultants work with participants one-on-one to achieve career goals and contribute to African socioeconomic development.

  • Entrepreneurship:

    Provokes innovation. Identifies entrepreneurship opportunities in areas of market demand and provides resources for start-ups.

  • Law:

    Emphasizes the need to play by the rule. Identifies basic business and employment laws. Advises on how to avoid legal setbacks, fight for rights and take advantage of the law to facilitate career growth.

  • Management:

    Teaches leadership and management skills. Builds self-awareness, project management skills, teamwork capabilities and negotiation skills. Advises on partnership opportunities and franchising for start-ups.

  • Employment:

    Exposes the realities of the job market and the psychology of the employer in the face of stiff competition. Identifies real time job placement opportunities, fine-tunes CVs and advises on job interviews.

  • Social Responsibility:

    Teaches the need for social responsibility. Identifies social responsibility options and how they can facilitate business and professional growth.

  • Finance:

    Teaches basic finance and accounting. Identifies funding organizations as well as philanthropists for start-ups, and provides real time advising on profitable investment options. Provides useful tips on grant writing and fund raising..

  • Marketing:

    Teaches effective marketing skills. Identifies persuasive and profitable ways to package talents, skills, initiatives and products, as well as various marketing outlets.

  • Ethics:

    Teaches basic human values, mediation and conflict resolution skills. Identifies acceptable personal and occupational ethical standards and how they can facilitate enterprise and career growth.

  • Further Education:

    Teaches personality to success achievement traits. Identifies scholarship opportunities for further education home/abroad, provides links to schools, and advises on application procedures.