CBEP Foundation Training

CBEP Foundation Training is a component of CSAAEINC’s Career Building and Entrepreneurship Program. It is the initial training open to youths interested in CBEP. The aim is to inspire participants, expose them to valuable information on career choice, entrepreneurship, jobs, studies abroad and financial management, while also diagnosing their career and business plans.

Whether you are unsure of what to study or unhappy with your course; have graduated and not able to find a job; desire to further your studies abroad, but where and how ; want to start your own business, but no or too many business ideas; have a great business idea but no capital to start; have trouble saving or got some cash but no clue how best to invest it; need help with packaging and marketing your product; or just worried about the legal and ethical sides of your career; CBEP Foundation Training will provide you with the information and tools needed to tackle these challenges

CBEP Foundation Training can be Full Panel (Featuring all 9 CBEP modules), Multiple or Single Panel. CBEP Modules include:

  • Entrepreneurship: Identifies entrepreneurship opportunities in areas of market demand and provides resources for start-ups.
  • Funding: Identifies funding opportunities and helps participants to secure funds.
  • Financial Management: Provides real time investment options and teaches financial management.
  • Law and Ethics: Advises on how to avoid legal setbacks, take advantage of the law to facilitate career growth and grounds participants on best practices.
  • Packaging and Marketing: Drills participants on how to maximize potentials, package talents and develop effective marketing skills while identifying profitable marketing outlets.
  • Project Management: Helps participants build project management skills, teamwork capabilities and bargaining power. Advises on partnership opportunities and franchising.
  • Jobs: Identifies real time job placement opportunities, fine-tunes CVs and packages participants for job interviews.
  • Education: Counsels on personality to success achievement traits. Identifies study opportunities abroad and walks participants through application process.
  • Social Responsibility: Explains social responsibility options and how they can enhance career growth.

How can I attend CBEP Foundation Training? CBEP Foundation Training is usually a group training. Parishes, Schools, Youth Groups, Town Unions can organize any Panel for their Youths. CSAAEINC also organizes CBEP summits across campuses in Africa that feature CBEP Foundation Training.

What happens after the training? Following the Foundation Training, our consultants work with participants one-on-one to achieve career goals and contribute to African socioeconomic development.  Our consultants are available to provide one-on-one guidance to participants as they search for jobs, schools or start-up enterprises.
Just email: cbep@csaaeinc.org and one of our experts will contact you right away.