Career Building and Entrepreneurship Development Service Providers

Are you in doubt of what to study in the university or not sure of what you are studying right now? Have you graduated and unable to find the right job? You may need to talk to our Career Development and Certified Human Resource Experts. They have helped so many like you land their dream jobs. They are happy to brush up your CV, resume and cover letter. They can point you to job opportunities and package you for interviews. May be you need additional degree or some professional training to land your dream job or initiate enterprise in area of market demand. Are you longing for educational opportunity abroad? But you are unsure of what to study or where to do so? Talk to our educational and training opportunities team. They will guide you through the decision, furnish you with database, conduct you through the search and application process.

Do you wish to have your own business instead and start making money right away? You think you have no clue of what business to engage in? Are you battling with so many ideas that you are almost getting confused? Maybe you seem certain of your idea, but can’t make it fly. Our innovation and project cycle team is here for you. Don’t worry about the money to start. Just talk to our funding experts. We have a list of funding agencies home and abroad. We will walk you through on how to grab these funds for your business.  Packaging, they say, is the key to business success, and that’s what we do. No matter how good you are or how wonderful your product is, you must package well and market persuasively. Social media makes marketing easy but you need to know the most effective way to do it. Our media and marketing team will help you get the attention your product deserves.

One thing is to make money. Another thing is to manage it well and grow it. When the paycheck starts coming or your business starts yielding, you need to invest. But do you know how or where to get the right resources? Our professionals are here to show you the secret of investment even as a student. Talk to our Financial Management Consultants to help you make the right decision. At CSAAEINC, we insist on best practices. We make you study, work and do business the right way and within the limits of the law. Our goal is to teach you where your right ends and where that of your client, customer or colleague begins. We will bring you out of business blunders with your clients and with the government either. But above all we want you to think Africa as you make your money because you are because we are. You can count on our ethics and legal team to keep you straight!

And you know what, our services are pro bono. Yes, we know that one day summit or training will not be enough to get you to your career goal. So, our consultants are willing to work with you until you succeed. They will guide you one-on-one to get the education or training that you want, land your dream job or establish and grow your enterprise. Send us an email today at:  One of our consultants will get in touch with you right away.

CBEP Coaches

Alex Ugwuezuonu

Former Diamond Bank Top Hiring Officer and Certified Human Resources Specialist

James Elekwachi

U.K. Trained Business Developer and Making Markets Work Expert at PIND

Dr. Farouk Kurawa

Project Funding Expert and NIRSAL Project Consultant

Chukwuemeka Onyebuchi

Angley Ventures

Fr. Dr. Godswill Agbagwa

Business and Professional Ethics Consultant, U.S.A

Abimbola Akintolayo

Leadership and Education Consult, U.S.A