Career Building & Entrepreneurship Program


“Paving new ways for enterprise and employment”


Massive unemployment as we have it in Africa today is not good for any society because unemployed youths are readily available for anti-social criminal activities that undermine the stability of society. Little wonder terrorist groups and other criminal gangs are fast growing in Africa.

The CBEP Effect

CBEP engages youths in discussions about career direction. The emphasis in the program is on helping participants navigate one of three paths from college to career: entering the workforce, pursuing a graduate degree, or starting a business. The aim is to help youths accomplish career goals or become successful entrepreneurs and contribute to African socio-economic development.

CBEP Training Opportunities

Campus Summit

This one-day campus training teaches college students the skills and strategies that they can use to make a living with their degrees while providing them with real-time resources – otherwise unavailable in the classrooms – to do so. Trainers help students build self-awareness, project management skills, ethical base, teamwork capabilities and contacts necessary to land dream jobs, initiate enterprises in areas of market demand or further their education.

Foundation Training

This one-day off-campus intensive training challenges participants to think outside the box about career pursuits with an eye toward career and business practices that enhance the greater good for Africa. The aim is to inspire participants, expose them to valuable information on career choice, entrepreneurship, jobs, studies abroad and investment, while also diagnosing their career and business plans.

What Happens After CBEP Training?

Following the training, CBEP trainers provide one-on-one support to participants as they search for jobs, schools or start-up enterprises.

Uwaleme Pantaleon

“CBEP led me to Notre Dame and guided me through the application process. I got full M.Sc scholarship”

Michelle Nwagha

“CBEP gave me useful CV and job interview preparation tips that helped me land my dream job at PWC, Lagos”

Kayode Ishola

“Digprom was inspired by CSAAE. CBEP trainers gave me the push and support I needed to launch.” CEO, Digrom:

Arch. Kenneth Azukaeme

“CBEP taught me how to build trust, and customer relationship. These have been the secrets of my success.”

Our trainings are usually group trainings. Parishes, Schools, Youth Groups, Town Unions, NGOs, Philanthropists, Governments, etc., can sponsor any panel for their Youths. CSAAE also organizes on-and-off campus CBEP trainings occasionally.

CBEP Panels

CBEP trainings can be Full Panel (Featuring all panels), Multiple or Single Panel. These include:

  • Entrepreneurship: Identifies entrepreneurship opportunities in areas of market demand and provides resources for start-ups.
  • Funding: Identifies funding opportunities and helps participants to secure funds.
  • Financial Management and Investment: Providesreal-time investment options and teaches financial management.
  • Law and Ethics: Advises on how to avoid legal setbacks, take advantage of the law to facilitate career growth and grounds participants on best practices.
  • Packaging and Marketing: Drills participants on how to maximize potentials, package talents and develop effective marketing skills while identifying profitable marketing outlets.
  • Project Management: Helps participants build project management skills, teamwork capabilities, andbargaining power. Advises on partnership opportunities and franchising.
  • Jobs: Identifies real-timejob placement opportunities, fine-tune CVs and packages participants for job interviews.
  • Education: Counsels on personality to success achievement traits. Identifies study opportunities abroad and walks participants through the applicationprocess.
  • Social Responsibility: Explains social responsibility options and how they can enhance career growth.

For more enquiries about CBEP or to book for training, please call: +234 703 571 1911 or +234 816 818 4714 email: