Career Building & Entrepreneurship Program


CBEP helps youths, ages 18 – 35 land dream jobs, initiate enterprises in areas of market demand or get the education they need and contribute to the socioeconomic development of Africa

Focus Areas

CBEP enterprise development unit works with youths, ages 18-35, to initiate and grow enterprises to sustain themselves and create opportunities that help others sustain themselves. We target youths from poorer families with the big goal of moving them from poverty to financial success, thereby bridging the widening gap between the rich and poor in Nigeria. Our enterprise development service providers help these youths: 

Identify entrepreneurship opportunities in areas of market demand

Build business management skills and teamwork capabilities.

Complete start-up paperworks including business registration and other due process issues.

Advise on marketing, partnership and franchising opportunities

Identify funding opportunities for start-ups and scale-ups including grants and business loans.

Apply for loans and grants.

Young Mompreneurs Initiative


YIMI is a women economic empowerment program that provides enterprise development training and support that allow mom breadwinners (18-35) to initiate and grow business enterprises to sustain their families and create opportunities that help others sustain themselves.

YIMI equips participants with local entrepreneurship opportunities, evaluates the viability of existing businesses, provides trainings on how to secure start-up or scale-up funds, advises on investment opportunities and provides extended structured enterprise development support to ensure that success is achieved.

CBEP Job placement unit helps youths, ages 18-35 find work. Our job placement service providers:

Offer vocational counseling

Offer job leads to job seekers

Fine-tune CVs

Provide tips and prepare youths for successful job interviews

Help students find internship opportunities.

C-Educational Services

CBEP  education services unit helps youths, ages 18-35, get the education they need home or abroad. Our education service providers: 

Counsel on personality to success achievement traits.

Identify study opportunities including scholarships home and abroad

Help youths through the application process

Uwaleme Pantaleon

“CBEP led me to Notre Dame and guided me through the application process. I got full M.Sc scholarship”

Michelle Nwagha

“CBEP gave me useful CV and job interview preparation tips that helped me land my dream job at PWC, Lagos”

Kayode Ishola

“Digprom was inspired by CSAAE. CBEP trainers gave me the push and support I needed to launch.” CEO, Digrom:

Arch. Kenneth Azukaeme

“CBEP taught me how to build trust, and customer relationship. These have been the secrets of my success.”

This summit brings youths and professionals together to discuss issues of development in Nigeria, seek solutions to Nigerian socioeconomic problems, celebrate innovative initiatives tackling these problems and inspire youths to embrace their roles as critical actors in building a better Nigeria. The summit also provides expert career and entrepreneurship development support to youths and ends with a fireside professional networking designed to give youths informal access to influential professionals with wide networks.