The Dawn of a Revolution



Behold the foundation of a new dawn – in a country beleaguered by the ghost of nepotism, favoritism, hate and ill-mannerism – ushered in by a revolutionary not for profit organization doggedly walking the talk of serving our fatherland with its strength in unity, honesty, sincerity, and loyalty.

Where others hymn our diversity through ethnicity, religious bias, indigene-ship, it echoes our unity through citizenship premised on quality rather than mediocrity. Others complain, it explains; they mystify Nigeria’s problems but it demystifies the issues proffering workable and sustainable panacea, certainly not by passive abstention but active participation in all ramifications stretching from Emerging political Leaders (those infused with morals and will needed in effectuating sustainable development) to Emerging Judicial Leaders (those in whom the hope of a common man lies achievable by not minding whose Ox is gored), to Emerging Religious Leaders (those seen, taken and believed to be the vicegerents of God on earth, who fidget not in the face of persecution for the revelation of truth and those who care less about wearing a handsome face and fat pocket amidst the haves) and the Emerging Business Leaders (those who would become ethical businessmen and women).

With these, it distances itself by several miles from those who point fingers because it uses fingers in unity to rebuild, remolded uphold Nigeria’s honor and glory (lost? Maybe, maybe not).

I urge all Nigerian youths to resist the temptation of laziness which is the engine that propels backwardness and unproductivity to astutely and prudently utilise the windows of opportunities afforded them by an organization which promotes social responsibility, awareness and sensitization, advocates for good governance and ethical standards popularly known as: The Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, Inc. (CSAAEINC).

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Abdusalam Ibrahim

(Emerging Nigerian Political Leader at CSAAE).