Remembering 2014 Emerging Nigerian Leaders Foundation Conference

By Chisom Ekezie (Emerging Nigerian Leader, FUTO)

On the 4th day of December 2014, at about 1:30 pm. I walked into the conference room of Star Arrival Hotels with few other students from my University, oblivious of the fact that I was about to receive the best transformation of my mindset, to receive lectures from great resource persons and to meet great and highly intellectual Nigerian youths.

In the evening, a formal introduction was made and we (my co-participants and I) gave the reasons why we applied to join the organization. The reasons my co-participants gave encouraged me greatly more than ever before as I got to realize that I was not the only youth in Nigeria who still believes that Nigeria could get better (free of corruption, have a standard economy, quality education and many other good qualities).

After listening to Mr. Bongo Adi (a senior lecturer at Lagos Business School) speak on financial responsibility, I understood that as a student I could start investing for my future. I realized that if I wanted to make an impact on the economy that I wouldn’t be a job seeker but rather a job creator, in that way I would be able to train my employees on the right job ethics, which is the secret behind the success of any great firm.

Mr. Alex Ugwuezeonu (a recruiter at Diamond Bank) enlightened me on how to get my dream job, as he pointed out the steps to choosing a meaningful career laying emphasis on the need to set SMART goals, develop a good reading culture and also to seek shadowing work experience.

A question, which I had always pondered on, was how and when good and visionary leaders would be at the helm of affairs in our country. The words of Dr. Uchenna Ekwo (CMPI, New York) in his talk ‘Leadership in the age of uncertainty: The governance gap in Nigeria’ answered my much pondered on question. I realized that with team work (working in synergy with fellow emerging Nigerian leaders) we could rise to the position of firmly piloting the affairs of our nation.

In conclusion, the conference reminded me of the fact that to sit and wish for things makes no great a person. If I dream of a great country, I would have to work extra hard and contribute my quota for the greatness of my country. Everything that happened during the conference made me strongly believe that our present situation is not our final destination. The best of my country Nigeria is yet to come.

I am grateful to God Almighty and to Mary my Mother for her intercession that I was selected to be a member of this inspiring organization. Special thanks go to Rev. Fr. Godswill Agbagwa, the founder and president of the Centre For Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, and to his friend, Fr. Vincent Arisukwu. Thanks for believing so much in us and for training and empowering us that we might be well disposed to make positive impacts in our nation.