Being the first exclusive meeting of the team, the scheduled meeting of the Members of the Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL), on the 10th of August in Anambra State; has raised a lot of questions, both within and outside the Centre. In the following interviews granted by the Founder and President of the association, a clue seems to appear.

The founder, Fr. Godswill Agbagwa, when asked why, gave the following response: “When I first started CSAAE and Emerging Leaders Program, I promised the world that I am raising future leaders. Most of the young people that joined were either in the first year or the second year in the university. Since 2013, my team and I have continued to guide these emerging leaders; and we are very grateful to God and happy that some of them have successfully completed their undergraduate studies and have also, completed their 3-year training at ELP; and I think that they are ready to get into the field and be the change they have been prepared to be. I look forward to meeting all Effective African leaders (EALs) and discussing with them, how we can, in our own little way, start getting involved in national building.  I have, thus, convoked this national meeting as commissioning, asking ourselves and strategizing, to take over the leadership of Nigeria and Africa for good.”

In her perspective, the President of NEAL, Ms. Nwagha believes, the gathering will help EALs forge the bond for the necessary synergy. In her words, “Since the beginning of this NEAL year, NEAL has been holding virtual meetings and there is a need for a physical meeting to forge the bond of members. It is also an ample opportunity to touch base with the mother organization, and align our activities with the mission and vision of the Centre”

It is, however, worthy of note that, after three years of leadership training at ELP, Emerging Nigerian Leaders (ENLs) are graduated into NEAL; a practicing ground for leadership takeover. As EALs gather exclusively for the first time, we lookout for the change we have always hoped for in Africa.