PEF Tackles Nigeria’s Economic Recession

Political decisions have economic consequences. In the Pragmatic Economic Forum (PEF) Pragmatic Economists show the consequences of policy changes on the economy.

The Pragmatic Economic Forum (PEF) inspired and powered by CSAAEINC, initiated and led by ENL (Emerging Nigerian Leader) Sampson Okolinta (IMSU) is tackling Nigeria’s economic recession on Friday at IMSU.

Rather than wailing on social media, join PEF in their search for realistic solutions to Nigeria’s economic problems. Ideas, not rumors or gossips, they say, rule the world. PEF is all about ideas that work.

We also carry out inspiring projects that may lead to theories in the future. These theories in turn reflect the Nigerian characteristics and help proffer solutions to the Nigerian economy.

At our summits, Pragmatic Economists are given the opportunities to present their hypotheses. After constructive criticisms, which is usually aided by empirical findings, they move into theories.

We shall be hosting our maiden economic conference on the 30th of June, at the Department of Economics, Imo State University, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. You can’t afford to miss this because, it promises to be inspiring and problem solving.

Conference is free but if you will be needing a certificate of participation, you will be required to pay the sum of N800, which also covers your feeding. Payment can be made on or before conference day, but pay on time to avoid “miscalculated deviations from the normal”. Pay using this account details:  Okafor Ekene, 2064404798, UBA.

Come on time to secure a very nice position on conference day. Event starts by 10:00am.
NB: Certificate received can be added to one’s CV and this gives one, a maximum opportunity to get one’s dream job.
Good luck!

At CSAAEINC we inspire and empower youths to change Africa.

Okolinta Samson I.

Emerging Nigerian Leader

PEF Initiator.