Leadership Building Experince | Uwaleme Pantaleon Nzubechi

My name is Nzubechi Pantaleon Uwaleme. I am a member of the Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL) of the Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics, Incorporated. I was previously undergoing training at the Centre under her Emerging Leaders Program during which I had the opportunity to take on Leadership-Building Experience (LBE).
First, the Centre facilitated my first international travel to the US in November, 2016 during which I was given specific responsibilities at the Centre’s office in Glen Burnie, Maryland. I worked with the Founder and a couple of other volunteers to plan for programs including the 2016 Impact Dinner, Foundation Conference and Fundraising. Part of the leadership building experience was the opportunity to speak to over 300 medical practitioners in Maryland about the Centre’s work.
Coming back to Nigeria in December, 2016, I was hired as the Centre’s Project Manager; a role that networked me with important individuals and organizations the CSAAEINC works with. It could be challenging for a fresh graduate that I was to be able to handle such role given the demanding and result-oriented nature of the job. However, CSAAEINC’s approach is different as the Centre trains you to be a good leader and a good manager at the same time. The approach is one I have never experienced; quite different from traditional workplace.
The Leadership-Building Experience I had with CSAAEINC is what has been driving me successfully in any setting I find myself. The edge is overwhelming and the transferable skills quite innovative!