LBE | Chibuike Ugochukwu Charles

Leadership Building Eeperince | Chibuike Ugochukwu Charles

I am Chibuike Charles Ugochukwu, currently having a leadership building experience at the Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics incorporated (CSAAEINC). Since September 2016. I have been serving as the Emerging Leaders Project (ELP) coordinator and the Administrative Secretary of the organization. Responsibilities I have been saddled with include; working with all our Emerging Nigerian Leaders (ENLs) to ensure they achieve their projects, coordinating every activity that defines ELP and ensuring they run smoothly, determining accountabilities; communicating and enforcing values, policies, and procedures; orientation, training, coaching, counseling, disciplinary, planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions. Recording financial transactions and preparing monthly financial statement, receiving calls, messages, emails and responding accordingly on behalf of the organization and other roles that may be assigned by the President of the organization. This experience with CSAAEINC gave me the opportunity to participate in PIND’s Business Diagnostics and Service Provider’s training at Warri, Delta State Nigeria. There could not have been a better opportunity to learn on the Job other than this provided by CSAAEINC. I have been able to understand general organizational operations, effective communication and develop strong administrative and Interpersonal skills. It has not just improved my leadership skills, but has taught me strategies to surmount obstacles and achieve tasks innovatively.