Leadership Building Experince | Chukwurah Benedicta

I am chukwurah Benedicta, a trained member of CSAAEINC’s Emerging African Leaders Program, now a certified member of her Network of Effective African Leaders (NEAL). I had my leadership experience at Divine Mercy schools Umuezike Ofeme, Umuahia North LGA, Abia State, Nigeria. The experience lasted for a month. I was their Civic education and Christian Religious studies tutor (teacher). I coordinated and taught the students from junior secondary one to senior secondary three. I taught ethics, hard work and morals. It was a wonderful experience because of the personal contact and communication with students that enabled great impartation, exposed me to the challenges of todays’ Nigerian teenagers and made a person afterwards. Many thanks to CSAAEINC for the opportunity to experience the challenges that our kids are facing in schools.