Leadership Building Experince | Chukwu Peace Amarachi

My name is Chukwu Peace Amarachi. My one month Leadership Building Experience at Divine Mercy School Umuezike Ofeme in Umuahia North was a wonderful experience which I am delighted to have had. As a classroom teacher I taught Economics and Commerce and also rendered some services in the primary section. This happened to be my first time teaching at such a school and I thought I could not do it, but by the special grace of God, I did. Also, I embarked on house to house sensitization asking parents to allow their children to come school and it was an awesome experience as I felt fulfilled afterwards.

I have never taught in primary school before but I had the opportunity to do so at Divine Mercy School. When I noticed that they do not have enough teachers to teach them, I volunteered to impact their lives while also teaching in the Secondary  School.  I was impressed that the pupils were very eager to learn even though some of them are very dull in learning. I thank God who gave me the strength to impart the knowledge and thank CSAAEINC immensely for the opportunity given to me to have this experience with Nigerian kids.  I mentored the students and pupils one-on-one both academically, on ethics and discipline. I really like the experience because it exposed me to lots of things that have improved my teaching skills. CSAAEINC leadership building experience is something that every Nigerian should have especially those aspiring to leadership positions because it exposes you to the problems that the public are facing. If I ever become a commissioner for education, I know what to do for primary and secondary school students in Nigeria